A shot of the house before it was painted pink.

Located deep in Homestead, just a couple of miles from the Everglades entrance, is an odd-looking house. Locals call it the “Alien House” or “UFO House” simply because of the saucer-like shape the building has. Others claim a mob boss actually built the house, making it easy for any drug drops in the area. A dumber theory is that a nude colony lived there so they could live in solitude without having neighbors called out on them. Actual information on this place is pretty scarce though.

According to property records, it was built in 1974, a time when architects were influenced by the space-age future such as the Futuro homes and Xanadu. Though it’s two units with seperate bathrooms and even kitchens, it’s counted as one home as it’s connected by a walkway.

Digging a bit deeper, I found a similar home in Plantation, Florida. Being built in 1977, it’s still used and occupied to this day. The house in Homestead though is gutted, tagged, boarded up and had been condemned by the city.

Demolition of the house began in August 2013.

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