A shot of the house before it was painted pink.

Located deep in Homestead, just a couple of miles from the Everglades entrance, is an odd-looking house. Locals call it the “Alien House” or “UFO House” simply because of the saucer-like shape the building has. Others claim a mob boss actually built the house, making it easy for any drug drops in the area. A dumber theory is that a nude colony lived there so they could live in solitude without having neighbors called out on them. Actual information on this place is pretty scarce though.

According to property records, it was built in 1974, a time when architects were influenced by the space-age future such as the Futuro homes and Xanadu. Though it’s two units with seperate bathrooms and even kitchens, it’s counted as one home as it’s connected by a walkway.

Digging a bit deeper, I found a similar home in Plantation, Florida. Being built in 1977, it’s still used and occupied to this day. The house in Homestead though is gutted, tagged, boarded up and had been condemned by the city.

Demolition of the house began in August 2013.


  1. Pretty cool looking structure. Things that stand out to me:
    Looks very hurricane resistant.
    What sort of window was used?
    Why pink?
    I’m thinking this place cost quite a bit because it’s so unconventional.
    Who owns it?

    • I wish I knew the answers. Only one I can answer is that the current owner is a doctor in Brooklyn, NY. According to reviews, a pretty terrible one at that.

  2. Oh, and that’s one heck of a electrical panel. Way bigger than a home, even a huge home.

  3. what is the address?

  4. Yeah, I was trying to find it on moats on my iPad. I used to live in leisure city.

  5. Maps, damn auto correct,!,

  6. These houses were built and owned by a gentleman who was licensed to import and export wild animals such as lions and tigers. He was actually delivering drugs (heroin or cocaine), in a compartment under where the animals were in the cages.

    The houses have been off and on the market numerous times over the ensuing years.

    • So the mob boss theory had some truth to it. Do you have any more information regarding it, a newspaper article, etc.? I’d like to learn more about it.

  7. Also, they are currently on the market as a short sale for $195,000 on nearly 5 acres.

  8. I remember there being one just like this except white in the Plantation, FL Area right off of 595 near Hiatus Rd and Nob Hill Rd. You were able to see it from the highway. Its been several years since it got torn down and now is a condo community.

  9. There’s yet another flying saucer-themed house in Royse City, Texas. It’s known as a Futuro House, a retro-futuristic architectural design by Matti Suuronen dating to the late 60s. Despite its obvious cult following, only around 100 were manufactured, with about 50 believed to remain in existence across the globe. Dallas-based British expat “grumpyoldlimey” has devoted a section of his blog “Strange, Weird, Wonderful & Cool Buildings” to charting the locations of surviving Futuro Houses. His “Futuro House Project” is a must-read resource for anyone interested in this form of architecture.


  10. Since Matti Suuronen passed away this past April, I would imagine the prices of all his buildings have gone up.

  11. Hey man, if you want someone to come with you to some of these locations to get 4K video, let me know, I’d be down, I own two RED cameras and can either get some sick bts or if you’d let me take a model with that would be sweet as well. Thanks.

  12. can some give me the address

  13. Actually it’s in the process of being demolished…so if you decide to go find it, ya better hurry…I won’t be the one to release addresses on a this site though. If Bullet wants to tell you, that’s another senario, lol

  14. I’ve been looking for a record of this place – so glad to find the photos on here. My friend lived down a dirt road from this place. It was out in the middle of agriculture fields off of Palm Drive as I remember. We used to ride her dirt bike down there to look at these exotic animals that were caged in back of the house, mostly big cats like tigers and jaguars. We had heard the rumors about it being a drug smuggler using the animals as a cover and one day when we went around the outside of the property a man came out of the house, jumped into a car (old Monte Carlo?) and chased us through the fields. We were terrified and he wouldn’t let up until he caught up with us (we were just 2 twelve year old girls tearing along these dirt roads on a tiny dirt bike). He finally caught us and told us not to ever go back there. We never did even though we could see it from her house. We both thought we might have been killed that day.

  15. Sorry, I should note that this took place around 1979.

  16. wow what a history of those house

  17. There’s one of these houses still alive and well in islamorada, down in the Keys. You can see it from US1 just as you go over a bridge (Snake Creek bridge, I think).

  18. I think this place was used in a 1990 movie called “Off and Running” starring Cyndi Lauper. In the movie it was the “Jetport Spa” or something like that…

    Skip to 24:39 unless you want to watch the movie. :-)

  19. When I was a teenager in Tamarac, all my friends at Piper High swore the house in the Plantation area was owned by Earl Morrall. I also found this comment on Fark from 2008, so I guess a lot of folks believe that.
    “yeah, there’s also a space-house along side I-595 near fort lauderdale, which at one time was owned by great QB earl morrall.”

  20. P.S. Thanks for the wonderful website!!!!!

  21. I live right behind the ufo house in Islamorada at snake Creek. I’ve been here 7 yrs., and no one has ever lived in it. A couple of times I saw a car parked next to it, and the grass was cut. The word around here is whomever it belongs to used to own a sea-plane and wanted to be able to fly right up to and park the plane, oh yes we’ve heard the drug dealer theory. I walked to it and you can’t get in. Its fenced off. We also heard that whoever owns it has a plane thats kept in it. When we go by it by boat, you can see in the windows kinda and it does look like a small plane inside the bottom floor. I love that house. Wish I could get in it.

  22. Hi! Is it still there?