Everglades Regional Memorial Hospital | Photo © 2011 Bullet, www.abandonedfl.com

The Everglades Memorial Hospital opened in 1936 in the small town of Pahokee. On May 11, 1950, a new building was built and opened with a dedication ceremony. The ceremony, taking place on “National Hospital Day”, welcomed representatives which included the Rotary, Elks, Masons, Lions, Woman’s Club, Everglades Business & Professional Women’s club, Beta Sigma Phi sorority and the Garden club.

In 1986, the name was changed to Everglades Regional Medical Center after it’s privatization. Around this time, possibly due to the fact that a public hospital is now a private hospital, talks began for merging the Everglades Memorial with the Belle Glade General Hospital, which was located less than 10 miles away. Talks ended as Everglades Memorial officials didn’t see the merger in their favor saying they would rather take over Glades General Hospital themselves.

Everglades Regional Memorial Hospital | Photo © 2011 Bullet, www.abandonedfl.com

In 1991, the Palm Beach County Health Care District Board voted to close Everglades Memorial and to consolidate all hospital care to Glades General. Consultants estimated that the move will save the health care system between $10 million and $13 million per year and would save many taxpayers’ money as they were providing $11.4 million a year to both hospitals.

In 1992, a suit was set against the Health Care District to stop the merger with Belle Glade, claiming they had financially damaged Everglades Memorial after taking ownership of the hospital in 1991. After three suits, two of which were thrown out and the third found in the district’s favor, the hospital struggled to remain open.

Everglades Memorial was ultimately shut down in 1998, with some still believing they were financially forced to by the district.


  1. Is this place dangerous? Is the surrounding area bad?

    • Driving through the small downtown area, it’s safe to not stop and look around. Take that as you will.

  2. I’m really glad that we were pretty much the first ones that ever went in with cameras. We got to see it before it was ever really disturbed, save for the few locals that probably went in and hung out. I wonder if that light is still there…

  3. I dig the image of the gauges on the autoclave.

  4. I am owner of Eighth Level Paranormal Investigations. Always interested abandoned hospitals, jails, etc. These places always seem to have levels of paranormal activity. Would like to contact somebody that is with property management company for a possible investigation of this site.

    • I know where this hospital stays at and it would be fun to find oit if this hospital is haunted supposly there’s more buildings there police departments office buildings that are abanded too it ‘s located in pahokee florida there’s a bigger hospital but really don’t know where it stays at they say you can hear people foot steps when I use to pass it I wanted to go in I don’t stay in pahokee but I go with my boyfriend and visithis family I really want someone to find out what’s in these abanded places

    • I have always said I would love to go in and do a Paranormal Investigation myself. It is super creepy from the outside, and I know abandoned hospitals are always haunted.

      I was born there in 1980, my sister was in 1988. I remember going there many times in my childhood. It is a shame it was closed.

    • Did you ever visit the site?

    • Based on my experience, even if you found out, they’ll ignore you. I wrote a very well-worded and coherent letter asking for permission to enter AG Holley in Lantana once and got completely ignored. Didn’t even get a no.

  5. Love the farm equipment parked out front now.

  6. So sad! My daughter was born there in 1982. We received excellent care!

  7. is it still around or demolished? can you still go inside and take pictures?

  8. It is being Auctioned off on ebay with a starting bid of only $350,00 !!!!
    The Auction ends 2/24/13.

  9. Can anyone give me some information on this? Is there security? Is it still accessible? If so how can I get in? I’d love to take a look around and take photos here. Any recent news? Any help would be great

    • Blown out and trashed to hell. I’m sure no one would mind if someone went in there to take photos.

    • I live in belle glade… they did have security but it seems that everyone they put would last no more then 3 days because they would hear all kind of things….

  10. Grace Crawford Robertson

    Is this the same building that stood in 1961? I was born there. Also curious if its located on Bacom Point Road?

  11. I just went there the other day. It’s super trashed, but it was the first abandoned building I’ve explored. The location was good, and you can explore at ease.

  12. I worked there for 25 years, first on the switchboard starting in 1973, and then the posting room, which later became the data processing department. Many memories from that place, both good and bad. They’d been talking about closing it for quite a while before it finally happened. I was living in an apartment next door, and when I saw the news crews in the parking lot when I came to work one day, I knew the jig was up. I actually stayed on for a year after it closed to help with the collection of accounts and so on. The closing was a severe blow to the town of Pahokee.

    • Such a shame, me and two of my children were born here.me in 1969 my daughter in 1986 and my son in1987. Sorry to hear this pahokee lived tthere or surrounding towns for 22 years. I visited there a month after I left havent been back since.I thank God for getting us out of there. Good luck Pahokee!!!!

  13. Anyone know if you can still go here

  14. I just love the name.. Pa Ho kee ?

  15. Anyone know if it’s still like accessible to get in and check it out ?

  16. I was born there in 1982…. I am adopted and have been searching for my birth mother. I guess I can’t get any records??? If anyone knows of any Diane Berklite I am her daughter and looking to meet her. ??

  17. I came here yesterday and the place is much more destroyed than it is in these pics. It was pretty much open and there was no security but proceed w/ caution.

  18. I worked at this hospital in the fiscal Dept with margarita glaz, Pam Hammond and George (but I can’t remember his last name )
    I was there in 1981-1983. I knew Mark Cantrell and his wife that worked in data processing.
    My daughter was born there in August 1982.
    If my husband hadn’t gotten a job with the collier county sheriffs dept in Naples fl we would have stayed there.
    He was a police officer for the belle glade police Dept

    • Hello I was born there Jan. of 82 and was later adopted. I am trying so hard to find my mother, Diane Berklite do you know how I can get any records? Any info would be great.