Designed by Miami architect Peter Vander Klout, the house was built in 1978 and was one of many he built in this style. While some have been demolished such as the Homestead UFO House, others still exist today throughout the United States, including one in Plantation, Florida; one in Garden City, South Carolina; and another in Mettawa, Illinois.

Built out of concrete, the top portion was constructed first and weighed over 280 tons alone. After it was completed, the top portion was raised with the use of hydraulic rams to its final position. Pylons were put in place below to support the structure, and the walls were then built around the exterior.

Passerbys have given it various nicknames in the past decade, such as the ‘Spaceship House’, ‘Mushroom House’, and of course ‘UFO House’. Unlike the Homestead property though, there’s no crazy stories having to do with nudist colonies and drug lords surrounding this one. Neighbors don’t seem to care for it as vandals have gotten in numerous times to destroy what little furniture is left inside and spray painting the walls.

It was last sold in 2012 for $950,000, and was valued today at around $1.1 million. The house was demolished in October 2017.

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