Hollywood Fashion Center | Photo © 2011 Bullet, www.abandonedfl.com

Opening in 1972, it started out as the Hollywood Fashion Center, a shopping mall which had four anchor stores including Burdines, Jordan Marsh, JC Penney and Richards and is thought to have been a factor in the demise of the Hollywood Mall. Some of the smaller stores included Hallmark Cards, Spencers Gifts, Walgreens and Walgreens Liquor Store, The Plum Tree, and Lillie Rubin, just to name a few.

In the late-1980s, the center started losing many of its tenants, including one of it’s anchor stores, Jordan Marsh, who filed for bankruptcy in 1990. In 1992, The Pembroke Lakes Mall opened just 6 miles away in Pembroke Pines. Burdines and JcPenney moved to the much larger stores in the Pembroke Lakes Mall later that same year. By January 1993, less than 30 percent of the stores were filled of the now anchor-less mall, forcing the owner to file for bankruptcy to seek protection from creditors. The center was ultimately auctioned off in August 1993 and sold to State Mutual Life Assurance of America for $4.3 million, but only $32,940 in the final transaction. The mall sat empty for the next decade.

On October 11, 2003, the center re-opened as an indoor flea market and renamed The Millennium Hollywood’s City Place. Millennium Development Enterprises signed a 60-year lease with plans to invest over $20 million to remake the mall. Plans included installing a 3,700 foot ice rink, functioning merry-go-round and over 1000 tenants by the time the mall opened.

Though the mall opened to great fanfare, it didn’t last long as tenants became frustrated as having sparse advertisement, no food court, and the recent discovering that most of the vendors were selling stolen wares attracted a very small number of customers. In December 2003, Swap Shop owner Preston Henn gave vendors at the Millennium Mall an offer, causing 180 of the 600 vendors to leave the mall for good.

Hollywood Fashion Center | Photo © 2011 Bullet, www.abandonedfl.com

The mall closed again in 2004 and since then, there have been many attempts at reopening the mall with plans going no further than just talks. Though the building was boarded up to prevent the homeless and vandals from entering, it hasn’t stopped them from wrecking the inside. While some fellow explorers were there, they witnessed a group of kids running amok, shooting paint balls and smashing glass frames. Along with the vandalism problem, many bats and roaches had made the former JCPenney their home, making the air very toxic.

In April 2011, the mall proved to be a danger as a teenage girl fell down one of the elevator shafts. Police say the 14-year-old and about a half dozen of her friends were hanging out inside the mall when the girl fell some 30 feet down an elevator shaft. Instead of calling 911 though, her friends carried her outside and over a wall which separates the mall from the nearby neighborhoods. A neighbor said she was in very bad shape when an ambulance was called, noting that though her eyes were open, she was in shock and couldn’t think or make out words.

In 2012, it was reported that Walmart was looking into purchasing the mall, to demolish and to replace it with a supercenter. The following year, the owner of the landmark parcel submitted site plans to build a 185,000 square foot Walmart Supercenter along with a TD Bank, a Taco Bell and a Pollo Tropical. In November 2013, the city’s Planning & Zoning Board approved the plans.

The mall was demolished early-2014.

Hollywood Fashion Center | Photo © 2011 Bullet, www.abandonedfl.com


  1. OMG how they allow this to happen? I grew yp in this mall. It makes very sad to see what has happen to our world today”

  2. Hello,

    Is this mall for sale? If so, please provide all pertinent information.

    Thank you,

  3. I grew up going to this mall when it was the fasion center.What a wast ,just like the whole area around it.That part of Hollywood is a shithole and so are the new inhabatents.It’s like going to a third world country down south anymore.What a shame it was a nice place to grow up in 25 years ago,Thats why nobody cares to do anything to it. Its just another piece a shit!

  4. I too, grew up in this mall. Being a teen in the 70’s early 80’s, this was the place to be. Always packed! What a shame it’s gone by the wayside. I drove by it November 2011. Just a giant monolith of a bygone era. It should be torn down. Let it rest in peace.

  5. So many memories of this mall. we use to skateboard there in the mid eighties and play video games at the aladdins castle, drinking orange julius’s and being mall rats! So sad it is gone now.

  6. I think someone should buy this place and make it a super Walmart or publix or windixie store, There is no other supermarket in the area only on Taft street and the old publix in the Hollywood mall… This building is an eye sore for Hollywood and something should be done about it…..Hollywood has gone down hill in the past 30 years, they took care of downtown Hollywood but this is a main road and something should be done with the building…Its sad it just sits there

    • My sentiments exactly. I grew up in Hollywood and moved back 17 years ago and cannot believe that it is still just sitting there getting more and more dilapidated. It absolutely should be torn down. It is embarrassing to think that this is one of the first sights of Hollywood people see when they get off the turnpike. Shame on our commissioners and mayor for neglecting this area of our city.

  7. Great Article.
    The bats are only going to get worse and spread.
    Time to remove and bulldose.
    Instead of re-designing young circle every year
    how about the city take this land over.

  8. I remember taking our allowance money to go play video games at Aladdin’s Castle. They had lots of great events for kids growing up there. Trick-or-treating and costume contests for Halloween. This mall was such an awesome place when I was a kid.

    It’s such a shame it’s gone to such disrepair, but that’s what happened when the Pembroke Lakes Mall opened. There is so much that could be done with that location, but the entire area has been deteriorating over the last couple decades.

    I’m really glad I moved away from South FL.

  9. you know since i lived here for the last 20 yrs…. this mall had many opportunities….. but politics ended up getting in the way ….. there was a chance that movies from hollywood california wanted to base their studio and production there…. but the city of hollywood said it was a waste of their money to do that….. i never saw this place actually ….. i shop at gfs all the time…. but after seeing this video…. i am gonna stop going there all together…. it is sad though that the city of hollywood chooses to have more banks in this city then take care of this mall…. in the city of hollywood…. almost every major street has 1-3 banks… i have 5 banks in my shopping plaza in the city of hollywood….. as for other comments about the mall being for sale….. yes this mall is for sale but …. the real question is ….. who is going to spend the $$$ to bulldoze it and start all over again…. its sad to see the city take care of the beach, young circle, city hall, and others…. but can’t lift up this mall to make it back to what it was….. like i said…. there were opportunies….but the city officials sat on their ass as all city officials do

  10. The Mexican mafia now owns the property and are sitting on . To them is better to have the money sitting in a nice real state investment in h US than in some wall or barrel somewhere in Mexico.

  11. so people were found playing paintball, seems like a good place to play

  12. i,ve been here for 40 yrs. and i live not to far from the old fastion center i think putting a walmart would be a great idea they have to do something its a eye sore

  13. hi umm i work in this mall… which is now an office/warehouse. no future plans?? we’ve been here for almost 10 years…

  14. there is i believe one store open i forgot the name. i came here once or twice as a small child. im 12 now, so i was very young at the time. how do you get permission to visit places such as this because ive been intrigued with the history of many of these places and i would love to investigate them sometime. also, my father told me that the millenium mall is going to be turned into a super walmart. this site is very helpful

  15. I wholeheartedly agree that it should be torn down. It’s gross and doesn’t have any asthetic value like some old buildings do. I just don’t understand why some people want a Wal-mart?!?! The area couldn’t even keep the K-mart (next door!) in business. Walmart is a community loser all the way around. I’d love to see a great big park. Or one of the other things our community is missing…. An indipendent coffee shop, indipendent fabric store, independent hardware store, basically an indipendent anything. Oh, and someone mentioned that there are no grocery stores, here is a Sedanos just north of there on 441. A grocery store there would be nice in that location, but please, please no walmart!

  16. Great video of the bats, I bet you did get a good whiff… That was a pretty good amount of bats, looked like some of the big bat caves out west. I’m amazed the neighbors didn’t complain because the water inside should have been getting outside somehow and that smell should have migrated a mile or two, if the wind was blowing in the right direction. Plus if they all start to evacuate at once, it could look like smoke coming out of the place. I’m just amazed

  17. It’s getting tored down as we speak. The area has a big problem with the homeless. I’m not sure a Walmart is the answer. I’ll go since I went when it was the Fashion Center then the Millenium. We’ll have to wait and see how this works out. I hope they have a lot of security serveillance when they open.

    • It is actually finally getting torn down after sitting abandoned for all of these years. The mall has been gutted to the actual structural supports and has been sitting like that for the last couple of weeks. All that is left is to give it the final push to knock it down. The company tearing it down has ‘green’ in their name, so they may be recycling a good portion of what can be salvaged.

      I also grew up going to this mall as a little kid and even trick or treated there on Halloween once. I also remember going on field trips there; however, it really has fallen into a state of disrepair. Razing is probably the right thing to do, even if the land were just to sit vacant for a prospect developer. Renovation to make something useful never happened, as it was vacant for two decades. Bats made homes in there, teenagers would break in and vandalize the place, and even bums camped out in there. The place is a safety hazard and an eyesore, as well. Additionally, there was nothing great about the architecture of the place, either. Building a Wal-Mart is a whole other story but it is better than what was there….

  18. So glad I found this site. I spent so much time at that mall! Every couple of months, I google search for photos of it. Usually, it’s the same stuff I always see, so this is a real treat. Thanks!

  19. I spent so much time in this mall that I practically grew up in it. I worked at the Burdines in the mid-80s, but I remember when the store opened in 1972. I can’t count the money I spent at the Aladdin’s Castle! The Walgreen’s had the best ice cream sodas. I remember when the pizza at the Orange Bowl was 50 cents a slice! I really liked the Walden’s bookstore near the Jordan Marsh. There was also a Computer’s 101 outside the mall next to the Jordan Marsh in the parking garage. The mall started to decline in the mid to late 80s when the neighborhood started to change and the derelicts moved in. A lot of people (myself included) moved to west Pembroke Pines. So many memories here for me. It was really heartbreaking to see the mall decline. I remember going to the mall when it was called The Millennium: Hollywood’s City Place. They had to just call it The Millennium because of a lawsuit from City Place in Palm Beach. It was just an indoor flea market that was selling stolen wares. I think it shut down in 2004. I drove to the upper parking deck a few months back and was surprised to see cars parked there! A jewelry business was occupying the upper floor of the old Burdines. I saw my parking spot when I worked there 30 years ago! Anyway, it’s finally time for the mall to go, and I see that it’s being demolished to make way for a Walmart and some other stores. Maybe the derelicts in the area will trash those up!

  20. I live right next to this mall. Demolition started about a month ago and
    It is almost totally gone except for the GFS Market.

  21. The Fashion Center may be history, but it will always live on in the memories of those who went there so often! I almost lived there.

  22. My wife grew up around that area and I moved to Florida to be with her in the early 2000’s. We went there for the very, very short time it reopened as “The Millennium Mall.”

    All I can say it that, just visiting and exploring that place really had a profound effect that I’ll never forget. It obviously used to be such a FUN, sprawling place filled with life. I could just imagine all of the young people hanging out and people of all ages going back and forth there. When we visited it though, it was just an empty shell of it’s former self.

    It matched the profile of the rest of the area perfectly… like something from a burnt out third world country or some kind of zombie apocalypse. Something once fun and good… completely ruined and turned into a pile of trash for everyone.

    I just LOVE how everyone says WALMART!!! Walmart is the REASON it turned into a pile of trash to begin with. Small business could no longer compete IN THE LATE ’80s and EARLY ’90s because Wal-Mart & Target came in with their endless corporate welfare checks and Chinese child slave labor and leveled the local economy… and made “Hollywood Fashion Center” Malls into “Millennium Malls”… into Wal-Marts… all across the country.

    But people still shop there don’t they? Look at the people who lived there in the ’70s and early ’80s and look at the people who live there now. There’s your “progress”. Wal-Mart is such a FUN, LIVELY place to be, isn’t it? Good times for the whole Familia. A place to just “hang out”. We’ve really “progressed” as a nation and the people living here now DESERVE to spend their welfare checks at Wal-Mart.

    They DON’T deserve the Fashion Show Mall or anything that comes close. Those places were filled with life, interesting people and fun things to do. Wal-mart is filled with cheap Chinese crap, hood rats and nothing to do but buy more cheap Chinese crap and stare at more hood rats.

    Don’t feel too bad though, I think I’m one of the few people around to realize that we’ve ALL been cheated. If you’re not smart enough to realize it, it’s not a problem though, right? Most all young people now think that the “thriving business center” in “the heart of the community” is a Wal-Mart in the middle of gang land. People old enough to remember when it wasn’t, have forgotten that it didn’t used to be like that.

    Anyways, enjoy your new Walmart! It’s gonna be WAY different than all of the other ones for sure! You’re “movin’ on up Hollywood!” Good times!

    • I am 54 born in Hollywood. In 1960. The mall was. The place me and first girl went to shop and have fun on the weekend’s. Want to see more sad. Things. Going on here. In usa. Go to. Dead malls.com. walmart sucks and needs to go to China. And rot

  23. I remember this mall as a small child…my parents use to go there all the time but then Broward Mall got built along with Pembroke Lakes and I guess we stopped going. Sad to see how our society allows structures to decay instead of revitalizing them. Although it sounds like now with years of neglect there probably isn’t a way to save it.

    • Well, it’s almost completely gone. The only thing left of the Hollywood Fashion Center is the old Burdines building. I worked at the Burdines from 1984-1986, and even then I could tell that the area around the mall was beginning to decline. By 1993 the mall was closed after the Pembroke Lakes Mall opened about 8 miles west on Hollywood Blvd. I have so many fond memories of the Fashion Center. Some of the main stores I frequented were the Orange Bowl, Record Land, Aladdin’s Castle, Orange Julius, Waldenbooks, Sir Roland’s, and Walgreens. I remember going to the Fashion Center shortly after it opened in 1972. The Burdines opened first, followed by the rest of the mall. I hated to see it torn down, but it became such an eyesore that it had to go. I still have all those memories though. Too bad a Walmart is being built there. I guess the scum that’s living in the area now won’t mind. However, I don’t thing the small businesses in the area will like being Walmarted out of existence.

  24. im gonna in south Fl next month (october 2014) I will be in K West to. Im looking for nice abandoned places to take nices pictures. Can somebody help me ?
    Thanks a lot

  25. I grew up going to both the Fashion Center and the old Hollywood Mall. I remember when the Hollywood Fashion Center opened – oh my gosh – it was such a big deal because it made the Hollywood Mall look so old fashioned by comparison. I remember getting my dress for 8th grade graduation in 1973 at the 5, 7 & 9 Shop. I loved pizza for 50 cents a slice at the Orange Bowl, we loved going in to Spencer’s Gifts – which was much more fun and “cleaner” per se than it is today (but still smells the same – like incense), my mom loved to shop at Jordan Marsh. It was just a great indoor mall. I also remember the McDonald’s across Hollywood Boulevard – when I was a little girl it was just a walk up – no indoor restaurant and there was a huge tree outside with picnic tables set up where you could eat and there were speakers in the tree that played music and we could climb the tree too. Hamburgers were a dime… And not far from that on the same side of the street was the Carvel Ice Cream parlor – that was great too – we’d sometimes go there after the mall. I’ve lived in California for 37 years – it makes me so sad to think of these places going so terribly downhill…but I sure do have great memories of them from my childhood.

  26. The Walmart is open now, and it’s huge. They also built a couple fast food restaurants as well.

  27. They opened a super Wal-Mart a few months back in this location.

  28. Yeah I remember when I was 19 I used to shoot up inside there. I used it as a place to park my car and I would go inside to do my business. There was a door to get in through the top of the parking lot. Glad its gone too many bad memories of the place.

  29. Anyone who lived in Hollywood, Fl. in the 1970s and 1980s knows the Fashion Center very well. I practically grew up in the place! I can’t count how many tokens I used at the Aladdin’s Castle! So many great memories. I hated to see it go down in the early 1990s. I even worked in the Burdines in the mid-1980s. I’ll always have fond memories of this mall. It was so unique in that you could park above the mall. I’ve never seen anything like it. I drove around the parking lot before the mall was torn down. Now its gone forever and a stinking Walmart takes its place.