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Archive - 1990's Built

Jarazic Park | Photo © 2020 Bullet, www.abandonedfl.com

Jarazic Park

A covered structure with a sign reading “KIDDIE RIDES” hanging above it. Jarazic Park was a miniature golf course and batting cage attraction operating in the 1990s. Located in Navarre...

World of Orchids | Photo © 2018 Bullet, www.abandonedfl.com

A World of Orchids

The ‘World of Orchids’ sign that welcomed passersby and visitors. World of Orchids was a working greenhouse located in Kissimmee. It included over thousands of orchids, including rare and...

Sunrise Cinemas Las Olas | Photo © Bullet 2014, www.abandonedfl.com

Sunrise Cinemas Las Olas

The Las Olas Riverfront was located in downtown Fort Lauderdale at the end of Las Olas Blvd and featured restaurants, shops, bars, nightlife venues, and a movie theater. The Regal Cinemas 23 opened...

Belle Glade Prison Drug Farm | Photo © 2014 Bullet, www.abandonedfl.com

Belle Glade Prison Drug Farm

In 1990, Palm Beach County Sheriff Richard P. Wille proposed the plan for a county-run prison farm for drug offenders. Wille promoted the prison farm idea to provide drug treatment to small-time...

Wings Aviation Services | Photo © 2011 Bullet, www.abandonedfl.com

Wings Aviation Services

Established in 1992, Wings Aviation was a business located in Building 903 at Miami International Airport and repaired aircraft and heavy equipment. The services they provided are described below:...

Viking Motel | Photo © 2011 Bullet, www.abandonedfl.com

Viking Motel

Located on Hwy 192 in Kissimmee, the Viking Motel opened in 1992 during the height of tourism in the area. According to their website, they offered free wi-fi in all of their rooms, cable television...

Splendid China | Photo © 2015 Robin Hanson

Splendid China

The idea for Splendid China here in Florida was that of Josephine Chen, a Taiwanese-American school teacher and real estate developer. The thought was the park would be a great means for cultural...

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NNPTC Baldwin Park Barracks

Thought by neighborhood kids as an old mental hospital was actually the barracks for recruits entering power school. In December 1966, it was announced that Orlando will be the site for the...

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