A photo used for promoting the Riu Orlando.

First opening under the name, Riu Orlando Hotel in 1988, they claimed to have been a 3-star hotel with the luxuries of a 4-star luxury resort. It was situated close to many of the attractions and parks in the area, such as Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Seaworld Orlando, Walt Disney World and Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede.

Over the years though, the building required remodeling as guests complained of mold in the showers, outdated decor and bad service.

In late-2007, Marcus Hotels and Resorts announced it was taking over management of the property which was undergoing a $22 million renovation, with plans to reopen in mid-2008 under the new name, Venturella Resort and Spa. The newly renovated 115-room hotel was to feature a Mediterranean/Tuscan theme, two restaurants, a lounge and a spa, as well as more than 7,000 square feet of meeting space. The property was to also feature new landscaping, including a lake with a beach.

Work on the hotel was halted mid-renovation. According to some individuals and recent Google Maps images, work has resumed on the hotel in recent months.

Duncan Godding, 2012
Photo Credit: Duncan Godding, 2012 – The hotel is somewhat unique with the number of windows it has.

[tab title=”Photo Gallery”]Photographer: Bullet
Year Taken: 2009
Website: Abandoned Florida



  1. Is that on Palm Parkway?

  2. Is there a more complete resource for abandoned property listing?

  3. is this site accessible? I’m a photographer in central florida and am looking for abandoned/ghost towns for shoots

  4. I love how it’s still ranked 259th out of 336 hotels in Orlando on Trip Advisor. Doesn’t say much for the 77 others ranked below it. LOL!

  5. I was just by there today and took some photos. I’d submit them, but there’s no place to post them in here.

    • You can submit them by emailing them to info@abandonedfl.com. Include name you which to be credited as and your website so there’s a link for people to see more from you. It’s a little clumsy, but I’m still working on a way to make it easier for people to submit photos.


  6. Just drove through the parking lot. So sad. It could have been a cool place.

  7. I would enjoy finding like minded people to connect with to explore and get photos and video of abandoned places in Florida. Having backup is smart and a safety issue when exploring. Send me an email and lets get going. Take care.

  8. ive been here and the abandoned college….way before i stumbled across this site. Ive always had a fascination with abandoned properties and their history. Good job on what you’re doing here, ive just added a few more places to explore to my list thanks to you guys. If anyone else is interested, email me @ plasticman81@gmail.com, maybe we can get a few people together and explore…….and i agree with charles 100%

  9. In March 2013 it still looks as bad. How could you not make a go of a hotel that’s right outside DisneyWorld?

  10. I was actually on this job the owners lender (s) and general contractor all succumbed to the recession. It would have been a cool place I spent a lot of time in that building. The developer was a little to ambitious and left their comfort zone. Tens and tens of millions of dollars were spent here! All lost and empty now since construction stopped completely in November of 2008.

  11. Do not go. Property was sold and renovations are starting up soon. There are cameras watching the property

  12. Still only $280 a night on Kayak…

  13. is now comfort inn and opened as new

  14. Is it under construction and does any one know the owners of the building id like to contact them and talk to them about an event that might happen in the future.

  15. Is this site still there?