South Shore Hospital | Photo © 2012 Bullet,

Located at the corner of Alton Road and W 6th St, South Shore Hospital and Medical Center was built in 1967 to serve the surrounding area.

By 2002, the hospital was $30 million in debt and was losing up to $31 million a year. Developer Crescent Heights purchased the property in February 2004 and planned to renovate the building and change it from a non-profit hospital to a for-profit one. The initial plan was to sell the property to David Galbut, the brother of Crescent Heights managing principal Russell Galbut, and rename the hospital, South Beach Doctor’s Hospital. A 55,000-square-foot condo building was planned to be built just north of hospital, followed by tearing the nearby Stanley Meyers Health Clinic and building a 35,000-square-foot condo building, dubbing the complex the South Beach Professional Center.

The plan fell through and the hospital was sold to Dr. Ira S. Barton in March 2005, renaming the it to South Beach Community Hospital. At this time, the hospital had also been consolidated into the three-story building while still operating with 148 beds, leaving the connected 10-story vacant.

South Shore Hospital | Photo © 2012 Bullet,

In December, the hospital was threatened with exclusion from participation in Medicare, Medicaid, and all other federal care programs if they don’t comply with it’s corporate integrity agreement; this came after previous owners settled charges after over-billing Medicare with false reports. In March 2006, the owners filed for bankruptcy and sold the property in June.

The hospital remained empty until 2011, when developer and owner Crescent Heights began plans to demolish the hospital, along with the 7-11 across the street and a nearby parking garage, and to be replaced with a residential condo tower.

Part of the building has since been demolished while the other half has been gutted down to the concrete.


  1. What a money pit. I hope some of that expensive equipment was salvaged before demolition began.

    • Pretty sure none of that is salvageable at that point. Most of the innards were picked clean by scrappers.

  2. Wow I can’t believe that they just left all of the medical eqpt. there to be vandalized it looks like X-ray machines, MRI’s and a bunch of other costly stuff.

  3. I stumbled across this website by accident and I am so glad I did because it has been a joy to read the history about all these amazing buildings and sad to see what has become of the majority of them. I love reading the comments too about people who either lived or worked at all of these places. I work in health care in Orlando and some of the Radiology equipment was not that old and start at $200K so I was extremely surprised to see it still sitting in there. I know a lot of “older” equipment gets sold to smaller hospitals or other countries so its sad to see it sitting there

  4. My Mother worked at South Shore General Hospital from 1980-2000. She became dietary supervisor in 1982 and her boss was The Cornell who ran the hospital really well until he passed away in the late 1990s. The hospital had the first facility for AID’s patients in the State and was well funded where other institutions ignored or were afraid to care. Thank you Mom and everyone at South Shore General Hospital for caring for so many people in South Florida.

    • barbara thompson

      wow my mom, grandma and brother all worked there as well I remember when hurricane andrew came my mom had to work and i had to go with her we all hung out in the xray department eating pizza and waiting the storm out. My grandma worked there all her life as housekeeping supervisor her name was Eva fauret!

  5. Does anyone know if I am still able to check out this building? I read online that there were plans to remodel it but wasn’t sure if that fell through. If anyones gone recently or knows anything about this buildings vacancy status please let me know!

    • From what I can tell, its basically just a shell now. There isnt much to look at.

      • Yeah. I passed by it the other day and almost missed it because of how different that area is compared to when I went years ago.

        • That area is way different. Too bad I missed the chance to explore the building. Personally I don’t know why anybody wants to hang out on South Beach anymore. Thanks for putting up a great website.

  6. I work at the health center right next to it.. the only thing left of the old south shore hospital right now is half of the building… One half has already been demolished.. I would say it’s been a good 2 years that they have begun with tearing it down. It used to look really spooky and interesting when it was still standing all abandoned. I used to walk through the alley to get to 711 all the time and it was interesting to look at. Now it just looks like a construction site.

  7. Sure would to talk to someone who remembers this area back in 1981

  8. There are always comments about expensive equipment left behind but to be honest, closed hospitals all over this country are filled with expensive, abandoned machines. This is America, land of wastefulness!

  9. is it still abandoned