Built in 1972, Parkway West Regional Medical Center officially opened in 1974 with 11 stories, 127 rooms and enough beds to accommodate over 300 patients. It remained operational until finally closing in 2002. The property was bought in 2004 for $4.2 million by Jacob Sopher, President of Ace Parking Management.

In 2009, a group of local businessmen had plans to renovate the deteriorating hospital into an assisted living facility. It was to be named Diamond Pointe and would’ve have 150-rooms and 50 to 100 employees. The $22 million project never came to fruition.

As Parkway West has deteriorated over the years, it’s attracted taggers, scrappers, and urban explorers. The walls are covered in crude graffiti, large pieces of metal hang from the ceiling as ceiling tiles litter the floors on every level and the smell of mold is everywhere. Police have nabbed trespassers and liens have mounted to nearly $2 million is code violations. The mayor has stated that in November 2010 that it was apparent how bad the building had gotten.

The new owner, BSD of Miami Gardens, has begun planning to resurrect the building. Trustee Yaniz Nakash said the company will gut the building and then build commercial and residential units. Plans fell through though as the property was facing foreclosure in January 2015.


  1. I’ve been obsessed about this place for years!!! Thanks for the awesome pictures.

  2. all of our friends have also been fascinated by this place. i just wonder why the renovations were never done. it wouldve been a gold mine. i personally have never been there but my friends have visited. they say its a sad sight. thanks for the info provided.

  3. visited today , its literally a work of art . place looks awesome just runed down

    • i’m considering going. do you recommend a gas mask like in the photos, is the place hazardous at all?

      • The place is full of asbestos. I recommend a P100 respirator, nothing less.

      • Let me know if you’re gonna go. I’m not far from it. The place is pretty destroyed though, nothing like the pictures anymore.

  4. Miamigardensresident

    I live right In the neighborhood of this building, as the days go by it’s getting worse. If you drive by with the windows down you can hear when some one is in the knocking out windows smashing wall yelling and fooling around. I was looking forward to seeing the building used for other purposes.

  5. I live close enough to miami and am interested in exploring this place if anyone wants to go.

  6. Whats the exact adress to this place?

    • Here you go

      17300 NW 7th Ave, Miami, FL 33169

      Went there today , pictures we took have blurred white lines. Wasnt that scary but worth the time, have fun!

  7. I remember going in there to see my niece. lol. I was born in 90. And one time for the kids, I would be SCARED to walk up to that place because that place looks like it’ll collapse on me.

  8. To add to my comment, I cannot believe that electricity still runs through this building.

    • Electricity isn’t running through there anymore. Photos are from years ago and most of the wiring is gone now.

  9. Is this place still standing?

  10. were the gas mask signs put up officaly by goverment or were they part of the hospital staff also was that a real body in one of thoes pictures

  11. I need to go here soon! It looks amazing!

  12. ISpeakOnlyTruth

    I was in traction for 2 weeks on the top floor when it was International Hospital back in the early ’80’s. Would love to be able to get into that facility and see it now – since it’s been vactant for many, many years. I think Parkway West was the last name on the building after Golden Glades Regional . It was so state of the art back then

  13. My mom died there. Sued the place, glad it’s shut down they should demo it and name it after my mom! Build a park or something idk it just should never be a hospital or any kind of medical facility.

  14. When younger my older sister had an operation done back in the late 80’s at this location. now after the years i went back to the facility only to find out its been closed down since 2002. However, every time I pass by this facility I see someone standing on the 3rd floor by the last window facing 7th Ave … it may be a ghost or an actual person but the fact is I’m ready to check this place out. It may be crazy of me but I’m fascinated with this place.

  15. Does anybody remember the Golden Glades Regional Medical Center?

  16. Laura , i remember it . Its the same building. Golden glades name changed to Parkway…

  17. im looking to shoot a music video to Jim Morrison’s “Celebration of the Lizard” such a dark song this place may be incredible.

  18. Hey Gang!
    I’m visiting the Miami area and only have Saturday free. Anyone up for some exploring?

  19. ..actually, it’s this coming Saturday. Don’t know if that helps or not!

  20. I’ve been in the place twice , its cool but scary at the same time . Ive heard stories about it but cant find anything about it . Does anyone know any true stories about this place ?

    • hi Kayla, and others ,I’m intrigued and want to visit. contact me at jdrojas@gmail.com

    • True story, my uncle got surgery there once.

      But seriously, people are claiming that it used to have a dark past and that it used to be a mental hospital, but none of that is true. It also didn’t close because of some scandal or anything crazy, it was part of a consolidation process because they have the hospital just across the highway.

  21. The cops always make routine stops because they expect people to be there. DON’T SET FOOT IN THAT PLACE. If you want to gamble and take a shot, then be my guest. They will arrest you.

  22. Worked at this place from 1978 to the mid 80’s when it was International Medical Center owned by cuban exile Miguel Recarey, who is now a fugitive after being charged with millions of dollars in Medicare fraud and fleeing the US. Some shady things went on there including what was said through the grapevine to be Nicaraguan Contras being treated on the top floor under very heavy security. There was lots of money flowing around at that time and even Gloria Estefan came by a couple of times to visit a patient, reportedly Emilio but I can’t confirm that. The government eventually took the hospital into receivership. After Intl Med Center it became Miami General, Golden Glades and finally Parkway West. Parkway (now Jackson North) eventually closed the facility and it has been deteriorating ever since.

    • Hi I’m searching for a long lost sibling. Her mother was a registered nurse that worked in this hospital during 1979-1980. My mother was in the hospital for 6-9 months after a car crash and this nurse Sonia was her main nurse. would you be able to give me any information you may know as to where I can obtain records. All I have is her name Sonia, from Nicaragua.. RN at this hospital during the time u worked there. Any leads would be greatly appreciated,!! You can contact me via email at Ydelcuadro@gmail.com – Yenely

    • where exactly is this ? im going on a vacation to FL and i wanna visit for photography purposes

  23. I’m interested in visiting this place to take a few photos. Has anyone been there recently and do you know if it’s easily accessible? Also, I’m looking for a few places to photograph. Do you know of any good locations? I’m not entirely interested in anything that’s been abandoned in the past
    5-10 years. Thanks in advance!

    • Hey Hunter. I just visited this place yesterday. Basically, you can just walk right in. The front fence is down and that makes it easily accessible. Please bring FLASHLIGHTS and RESPIRATOR. Please. Its pretty rotted out. Creative artists will spot a few dope shots by windows and such. This is the worst DECAY i have seen in a hospital. We had fun though zig zagging through all the floors till we hit the roof. Have fun and be SAFE!

      • Hi, do you mean mask or an actual respirator? I need to see if they still have medical records I’m looking for.

  24. I went about two months ago, some local bands were going to have an acoustic show on the roof. I brought a friend along and met up with 4 other people while waiting for everyone else to show up. Whilst doing that, a cop suddenly drove in and, instead of arresting us, he let us off with a warning. Apparently, the place is secure by homeland security. I’m kind of glad that we didn’t go in, but also kind of bummed out. Still looking for some abandoned places in South Florida i can visit without getting arrested, becoming sick, or dying.

  25. NEVER GO HERE EVER! Me and my group of friends are literally on our way home after an hour of being detained. COPS ARE ALWAYS ON THE PREMISIS. While we were being detained one of the cops was told that people were trying to break in through the back, so I swear to God he pulled out his gun and just fired a shot straight up to scare them away. There are signs posted EVERYWHERE that say NO TOLERANCE TRESSPASSING. The ONLY reason we weren’t arrested was because our friend is in the Army. We didn’t even make it inside of the hospital. NEVER GO HERE. EVER. Unless you plan on being arrested. Those motherfuckers don’t play. Plus the neighborhood was shit, literally infested with crazy ass crack heads. DONT FUCK WITH THIS PLACE. Hey cops, if you’re reading this, I told you I’d leave this comment.

    • I believe a lot of this is over-sensualized, like the fact that the cop fired his gun in the air. Firing a weapon in the air is a felony as the bullet can come down and kill someone. Also, officers who fire their gun have to report it afterwards and have to have a reasonable cause to do so. Also also, no one would have to break in through the back; there’s no wall back there. So, there’s a couple of reasons why I don’t believe that part.

      But I do believe you got caught there. Next time read the disclaimer. The photos and writings on this site are for viewing purposes only. I warn people all time that these places are dangerous, and you can end up in jail, hurt or dead.

      Also, don’t bother arguing with me because nothing you say will change my mind and I’ll just delete your comment.

  26. I wouldnt go here, i went about two months ago with friends and we met another group. We had goten on to the property to get in and we see a regular dude walking around, who we then realized was secutiy after he shot a Blank into the air to scare us off. we ran out of there when he shot the blank. we then went back in (dumb move) with the group we found. we spent about 40 minutes tryin to find a way in. I then realized a lot of the entrances have been patched up. the only way to get in is threw the door way at the top of the drive way wich the gaurd covers. we were by the back of the Hospital which i had entered a previous time, then he startled us with another blank out of no where from behind us. We all ran out of fear and we jumped a fence on the main road i ended up tearing my shirt and getting a scar from the fence. We ran like maniacs on the street trying to get away from another security gaurd. FUCK THAT PLACE. Go when their is less atention arounfd it.

  27. For the record, cops cant just fire blanks to scare people, so I doubt this really was a cop or security.

    My boyfriend and I visited there and got up to the roof, without interruption. It was an amazing experience. You just have to get there really early in the morning to beat the Florida heat.

  28. I am planning on going with two other people soon, is it worth it? also is there a high chance of getting caught by the cops because I’d love to explore this building but I don’t wanna risk getting arrested. Any other places with no security and all?

  29. I came here back in 2008 with a group of friends. We posted up in the area to get a feel for it and noticed cops passing by regularly. The trick is to get on the premises and dart for the entrance. We used a window that led to the basement. The cops may come by often, but they never actually came in the building.
    Keep a low profile, and you’re good to go.

  30. I visited in 2012 so it was a few years ago but we didnt have an issue with cops and I know 2 other people who visited back then too and didnt have an issue. Maybe theyve tightened security since then, who knows. It was a great spot though, there were lots of old hospital records left behind, my friend found a box with keys for every room, x-ray machines still there and the view from the roof was amazing.

  31. My friend and I went there last night. The further you go into the halls, the worse the smell; it is often suffocating. There is one room in the basement that is spotted with mold. Stay AWAY from that room or you’ll feel very sick. Other than health concerns, we had no other problems going in or checking out the eerie hallways and graffiti. Couldn’t find the morgue, though, which would have been cool.

  32. When they first opened did they have a maternity unit ? Til what year ?

  33. is the hospital still abandoned till this day?

  34. I went for about 2 hours without a mask will I be Ok?