>Thought by neighborhood kids as an old mental hospital was actually the barracks for recruits entering power school.
>Thought by neighborhood kids as an old mental hospital was actually the barracks for recruits entering power school.

In December 1966, it was announced that Orlando will be the site for the country’s third Naval Training Center due to it’s temperate climate, good transportation network, sufficient family housing and the availability of the nearby Orlando Air Force Base. The Orlando Naval Training Center(NTC) was commissioned on July 1, 1968, it’s primary use being the indoctrination of enlisted personnel at the Recruit Training Command. The campus included five barracks for 3,600 recruits, a mess-hall, a classroom building, a recruit chapel, and a training ship mock-up. By 1973, the facilities were doubled in size to accommodate 8,000 recruits.

In the mid-1970s, the Nuclear Power School relocated to Orlando from California and Maryland. The school trained officers and enlisted sailors on in nuclear propulsion after formal training elsewhere.

In 1993, the Orlando Naval Training Center along with many other military installations across the country were ordered to close by the 1993 Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Commission. The Recruit Training Command graduated it’s last company on December 2, 1994 and officially closed on March 31, 1995. The base was decommissioned in December 1998 upon the graduation of the final Nuclear Power School class.

Long before it’s closure, a redevelopment plan was created which included approximately 3,000 residential units, commercial space, and a pedestrian-oriented village center. In October 1999, the City of Orlando bought the property from the Navy and immediately resold the land to the developer, Orlando NTC Partners(now Baldwin Park Development Company), as per the plan. Demolition began soon after and was completed by mid-April 2001.

Over the years, as Baldwin Park was being constructed and the community grew, one remnant of the old Navy base remained. This 7-floor building was the first stop after boot camp for going to power school. It housed entering students through most of “A” school. Built in 1990, it was the newest building on the base at the time of base closure. The last entry class to use the building was in 1998 (E class 98-42). Class 98-42 attended only “A” school in Orlando and transferred to Charleston where the Power School Command was relocated to.

Plans to construct 410 apartments units on the remaining empty parcels of land in Baldwin Park were approved in 2008 and preparation for demolition of the barracks building began in May 2009. The building was demolished in May 2012.

Photo Credit: Bluestreak, 2012 - The building was demolished in May to make room for a new apartment complex.
Photo Credit: Bluestreak, 2012 – The building was demolished in May to make room for a new apartment complex.


  1. I used to visit this base often with my grandparents in the 1980’s. it was a really nice place.

  2. Join me… Shall you ?

  3. Interesting history and cool old building. Buh-bye to it!

  4. I attended Basic here…. :'(

  5. so this is where baldwin park is currently located today?

  6. I was in Company 002, one of the first to graduate on December 12, 1968. Sorry to see it is all gone. Great memories.

  7. I grew up right around this base and its crazy to see how it has changed over the years. When I was kid, one Halloween it was raining really bad and we could not trick or treat except at the near by malls. One of my friends sister took us the Mc Donald’s that was on base to get Ice cream to make up for the crappy weather. That was first and last time I had actually set foot on the base. I later found out that my now brother-in-law did his training here.

  8. I went to basic training here july-sept 1987

  9. I remember walking through all of that building, stairwells and everything, on night watches when I was going through A school myself. I lived in the building for about two weeks, then was shuffled off to a different set of barracks, but we still had to stand watches in there from time to time.

    I think one of the buildings (north one?) was used by the Army for a while after the Navy gave it up.

  10. When I was a young recruit training to be an EM Nuc… I lost my dogtags down in the elevator at the open bay high rise barracks. I never did get them back. SO… if anyone knows where they are, or has found them during demo, i would LOVE TO GET THEM BACK :)

  11. I was here in Jan 92 through Nov 93 when I graduated from Nuc Power School…little sad to see it gone. Lived in this building for 3 months when I was in MM A school. BOOO

  12. Roxann Nevedal Levitsky

    went to basic training in 1980 – it was, I believe, one of the only co-ed basic training camps at the time.

  13. I was disenrolled from there but was there in 95 9512MM. I remember eating at that McDonald’s. once a month as I only made $400/mo maybe $450, as an E-3. Wow.

  14. That’s my video! Nice history write-up. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Bootcamp in 1976 Company ,202 Gunners Mate. BE&E school also. Great memories also, good fishing in the lake. Hate to see it gone

  16. The article says this one was built in 1990, but my class were the first residents of the barracks in March of 1987. Was there more than one of these 7 story barracks built on base?

    My wife and I visited Baldwin Park in 2008 while in Orlando for Disney World, I was more than a little depressed to see some of my history gone!

  17. I went to boot camp @ NTC in 93 & then was assigned to shore duty here after I finished “A” school in Meridian MS. (was stationed here as a staff member from 94-97 @ the Nuclear Power School). Have so many great memories of this place. Without a doubt one of the best locations to be stationed with all the things the base offered as well as the city of Orlando. Sad to see nothing remains. There was a time capsule buried between the Nuclear “A” School & the Nuclear Power School buildings. wonder if it’s still there?

  18. Wish I knew exactly where it was buried. I have contacts there that could look for it

  19. Thankful for being one of the lone survivors to not being kicked out of NNPTC or the Navy for under age drinking. Furthermore, blessed to finish out my enlistment and attain a secure and gratifying career in the oil industry. I contemplate at times how different my live would’ve been otherwise. I loved Orlando for the awesome memories and beautiful women to have met there. Church Street and the fellow shipmates of 1997-98 brings tons of pleasant memories, just can’t remember the specific 18 and under clubs. I vividly remember looking out the top floor, ceiling to floor windows of the NTC and pre NNPTC “A” school community rooms, a few nights and days observing “Jamlando”!…… Pleasant memories overall!
    Thoughts and prayers to those who’ve got screwed by the regime and especially the 49 souls whom tragically passed this past weekend. God bless their souls along with their friends and family.

    • Which class were you, Torres? I was 98-01 Section 8 MMs.

      • Hey there, I can’t remember the section # if my life depended on it but finished MM A school October of 97. Failed out NPS my 8th week in Feb of 98. What’s your name and where do you live if you don’t mind me asking?

  20. I attended basic at RTC Orlando in 1971. Co 114.

  21. I attended basic training there, Female company K080 during the summer of 81. Made the drill team and played the bugle for a few graduation ceremonies. Looks like the fountain is in the parade field area. Lots of memories. Stayed there for apprentice training as well. Sad to see it go.

  22. Recruit training April to June 1973. Really sad to see part of my life go. Bet the gnats are still there covering up your eyes, flying up your nose, you’re standing at attention. Anyone know if they kept the” DOORKNOB TO HELL”,silver mushroom water tank? i’ll look for next time I go to Disney World. Us boots went to Disney World on liberty. Crawford’s dixie cup blew off and lost it out in the lake. What to do ?? He bought a Donald Duck dixie cup pulled the blue stitching off and we eased back on base……

  23. No they did not keep the water tower either. Most everything has been completely demolished. I think they kept one apprentice training building for a corrections facility.

  24. Went to Boot there Oct 1974, to Dec 1974,

  25. Thank you Linds ! Sad, NTC/RTC is no more, but we can rejoice that USS Neversail did ” sail away” !

  26. I was a Nuke stationed there from 2/93 to 4/94, Bootcamp CO35; EM ‘A’ School Class 9332; NPS Class 9401. I lived in that barracks for “A’ school and ate many meals at that McDonalds. I’m heading down to Disney for a family vacation and was looking forward to spending an hour or so boring the kids with some incessant reminiscing about my Navy days while I walked my old stomping grounds. I knew about the “new” development, but it’s sad to hear that there is absolutely nothing left of the base. I guess I can always walk aimlessly through the Fashion Square Mall, I did that for the first couple of weeks of “A” school as I was getting my bearings. Does any one know if the House of Babes still open? I won’t bring the kids, but I remember during orientation they told us that the “House of Babes” and “The Edge” were off limits. I think most of my class made a b-line for both of those venues on our first weekend.

  27. I went to boot camp here May thru August 1977. Company 296

  28. Also made the Flag team and preformed at Tampa Bay Buchaneers vs Atlanta Falcons pre season football game in Orlando. It was the Bucks first season in NFL. Fun weekend off the base.

  29. Joan the RTC Orlando reunion

  30. Donna Burris/turner

    i went to basic training here in 1982.it really changed my life.

  31. Went to San Diego Training in Sept 1978, MM “A” School in Great Lakes January 1979, USS Edson (DD 946) Newport Rhode Island Summer 1979 awaiting nuke school, and the class of 7908 in Orlando. What a waste to tear it all down now. Why they kept Great Lakes and not Orlando is beyond me. Loved San Diego but that is all condos right now except the USS Never Sail is still there as a memorial.

    Then on to S3G prototype in NY in 1980, went to Emergency Welding School in Groton CT, then back to Trident Design School in January 1981, then to USS Michigan (SSBN 727) for new construction, went through the first triple launch of Trident missiles following new construction and commissioning, through the Panama canal, PSA in Bremerton WA, two patrols out of Trident Sub Base Kingston WA and then out in 1984, and on to college for a Nuke Engineering degree at RPI.

    What a long strange trip it’s been an amazing journey.


  32. I stood watch in that building. I cleaned it, painted it, and slept in it. I was in Class 9818bravo MM. Poic mm1 dererra aka “pt nazi”. I got njp for failing a trigonometry test. Church Street was fun. Zuma beach and some Egyptian themed one.

  33. I pushed boots there 1984 through 87, great place not for a recruit but for navy familys. Lots of memorys

  34. I was a recruit there in the summer of 81. I didn’t think it was such a bad place. I had tears in my eyes to see it gone. For me boot camp was a good memory. I did well in both recruit and apprentice training there. Wish I had stayed in.

  35. I was stationed in that building right beside McDonald’s. I was in the Army 513th MI Battalion Low Intensity. There was like 200 of us stationed there. Beautiful place to live. Was there to see Shaq and the Magic go to the NBA finals. I left in July 96 and they were in the process of shutting down. I believe the boot camp portion was already closed. Lots of partying and memories. Would of loved to tour it one more time before they leveled everything. I am sure I would appreciate it more.