Exploring the Ruins

Included among all the material throughout the site are interior photos and video walkthroughs of vacant structures in the state of Florida. These are a big part of the website because I feel they serve as important tools for illustrating the history and structural condition of the buildings. They should NOT be seen as promotion for your photo shoots or explorations.

Don’t bother emailing me about where some of these places are located at because I probably will not respond.

To make it as simple and easy to understand as possible, exploring is often times illegal and very dangerous. The buildings often have structural damage, mold, asbestos, and vandals looking to ruin your day. You could not only be hurt, but you could die. If you are caught, you will probably be arrested and charged with trespassing – hell, if they wanted to, they can charge you with attempted burglary and loitering too. I’ve compiled these photos so you don’t don’t have to risk your livelihood and can explore the ruins from the comfort of your home.


The material on this website is a collection of photos, videos and documents compiled from contributors throughout the state and thus, is copywritten by their respective authors. If you are interested in using the material on this website, please contact the owner or contact me and I will get you in touch with them. If you need them right away, a citation is all I ask for.