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Old Railway Depot | Photo © 2023, www.abandonedflorida.com

Everglades City Railway Depot

Everglades City Railway Depot Simply recognized as the Old Railway Depot, the old Everglades City Railway Depot located in Everglades City is a historic railroad depot once part of the Atlantic Coast...

St. Benedict the Moor School | Photo © 2023, www.abandonedflorida.com

St. Benedict the Moor School

Lincolnville St. Benedict the Moor School is a former Black Catholic primary school located in the Lincolnville Historic District of St. Augustine, Florida, named for Saint Benedict Manasseri, the...

Sulphur Springs Tower | Photo © 2023, www.abandonedfl.com

Sulphur Springs Water Tower

Sulphur Springs Hotel and Apartments Constructed in 1927 under the supervision of Grover Poole, the Sulphur Springs Water Tower found its origin as a creation of Grover Poole, serving the purpose of...

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