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The Ghost Town of Ellaville

George Franklin Drew The town of Ellaville was a once-thriving mill town founded in the 1860s by lumber magnate and Florida State Governor George F. Drew. George Franklin Drew was born on August 6...

West Third Dental Care Center | Photo © 2020 Bullet, www.abandonedfl.com

West Third Dental Care Center

Dr. William M. Fleischmann The West Third Dental Care Center in Jacksonville was a dental clinic situated just north of Henry J. Klutho Park, between the Horace Drew Mansion and the former...

Norman Brothers Produce | Photo by Sergio Alejandro, www.sergioisevil.co

Norman Brothers Produce

The history of the Norman Brothers Produce dates back more than a half-century with brothers William “Billy” and L. J. Norman who owned the adjacent farmland. In 1974, they opened a small...

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