Established in 1992, Wings Aviation was a business located in Building 903 at Miami International Airport and repaired aircraft and heavy equipment.

The services they provided are described below:

FAA Approved Repair Station overhauling aircraft engine parts, (disks, shafts, spacers, blades), aircraft landing gears, wheels and brakes. Specializing in plating, plasma coating, shotpeening, Machining, None-Destructive Testing, heat treating.

Plating (chrome, nickel, Ni-Cad, silver, cadmium, electroless nickel, copper), Anodizing, Shotpeening, Glassbead peening, Milling, Grinding, Welding, None- Destructive testing,(MPI, FPI, Eddy Current), plasma coating.

They operated up around 2007 with the building being demolished around 2012.

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