The factory was built in 1899 for the Vicente Guerra Cigar Company, who at the time were also the owners of another cigar factory just down the street. From 1910 into the 1940’s it was occupied by V. Guerra, Diaz and Co. owned by Joseph Guerra.

During the 1940’s it was shared by Tampa Tiger Cigars, Haas Cigar company and John Marrian Cigars. As with Hookers Power Plant, it’s close proximity to the Air Force base proved useful and served as a naval barracks and training facility during WWII. In the 1970’s, it was occupied by the V. Guerrieri Cigar Company.

In December 2000, a small fire broke out in the building but was able to be contained by firefighters before any serious damage was done. According to a sign in front of the structure, it is currently owned by Acuity and plan to renovate the factory into office space or apartments.

On July 5, 2015, firefighters responded to a fire at the old factory shortly after midnight. The firefighters couldn’t enter the building for safety reasons so they fought the fire from the outside, but were able to get the fire under control within two hours.

The building collapsed after it suffered heavy fire damage to the second and third floors. At around noon that same day, firefighters were still spraying water on the smoldering remains of the building. With an estimated value at $284,000, the Fire Marshall declared the building a total loss.

V. Guerrieri Cigar Factory | Photo © 2014 Bullet,


  1. Woah what’s with the picture with the shadowy silhouette?

    • The ghost-like figure is what occurs when you do a long exposure. You can see others doing the same here if you click the link —–> here

  2. my father’s family used to own this factory.

  3. Amazing piece of history. Is the building still in the same conditions, or has reconstruction started to take place? I’d love to visit and photograph…do you think it’s accessible?

  4. I swear I saw something like this by a bridge on I-95.It was just like this a brick building with boarded windows.

  5. Patrick Logan Stanforth

    Is this the same building that stands next to I-4 in Ybor? I think its used by U-Haul and some other offices…

  6. Sad to report that this beauty burned down last night. What a shame…

  7. Anita Guerra- Kelliher

    Does anyone know where the other V. Guerra cigar factory was /is located that they are speaking of in this article? They say it was ” just down the street” I would like to know. This factory was owned/operated by my g-g- uncle and grandfather .

  8. Where is this in Tampa?