Known under various names such as the Treasure Island Resort or Treasure Island Inn, the 11-story, 227-room structure was built in 1974 along the sandy shores of Daytona Beach and residing where the Treasure Island Motel used to be.

It featured a tiki garden with a bar, two swimming pools, conference facilities, the Billy Bone’s Tavern, and a grand entrance with a huge wooden, Polynesian-style, overhanging roof.

Like the Glass Bank in Cocoa Beach, the hotel sustained huge amounts of damage after the 2004 hurricane season and was closed down by the end of summer. The owners, Bray & Gillespie LLC, stated it would reopen by June 2005, but work halted during it’s reconstruction after a legal dispute with the construction company hired to repair the building. To make matters worse, Bray & Gillespie who used to own over 35 hotels in the Daytona area filed for bankruptcy.

When the city of Daytona Beach Shores filed suit in 2011 to get the building torn down, a dozen defendants were named because it was that unclear who owned it because of all the liens, bankruptcies, suits and countersuits. In the end, the court determined the property was under the ownership of RAIT Financial Trust, the lien holder.

Afterwards, an agreement was established which required RAIT to either demolish or restore the building within the next year. In return, the city would forgive about $167,000 of the more than $800,000 in code enforcement fines the property has racked up over the past decade.

Rather than demolishing the building, RAIT began cleaning the area around the property with the idea of restoring it. But as of now, the building remains as it has for the past 10 years; a hulking eyesore where only scrappers and the curious individual goes.


  1. Just drove past this in April of this year, doesn’t look like anything is happening with the property. Was hoping i could get someone to “creep” around with me but i have a bunch of scardy cat friends

  2. Norma Goldstein

    My family and I stayed here numerous times in the 1990’s and it was by far the most beautiful place on the South Shores of Daytona Beach at that time. We have so many great memories from the Treasure Island Inn and it is so sad to see the horrible conditions of this majestic resort that was so grand in its day. Can only hope that it is restored back to its original beauty to be enjoyed for years to come.

    • Bring it back!! I loved this place. City of Daytona needs to either tear it down or fix it. This is ridiculous to leave such an eyesore for so many years. Don’t care what bank owns it someone needs to step up to the plate. Other states have hurricane tragedies and they get rebuilt.

    • I agree with you Norma!

  3. it might make me seem like a bastard but i am looking through this place thinking it would make a cool kind of creep urban airsoft place id want to go play at

  4. This is so shocking for me to see! I went to high school with a daughter of the family who owned the Treasure Island and several other hotels on the beach. I remember when they sold all their properties; I don’t remember what year it was. The TI was one of Daytona’s top hotels in the 70s and 80s. The original owner died just last year and I think they named a bridge after him.

    • Treasure Island was one of the Oceans Eleven Properties! I worked there from 1995 – 1999 it was a great place to work, I cannot remember the names of the owners at that point. But looking at the building now is very sad, i visited Daytona in August 2014 and they had it all blocked off.

  5. LOVED Treasure Island…this saddens me to no end. And what an fn awesome beach. totally “treasured” memories from 1987-2004!!!

  6. So sad, I stayed here with my family in the 80’s and came back every summer as teenagers. My sister and I still talk about the people we met and hung out with from as far away as Ireland. I wonder if they remember their Canadian friends. Watching the you tube vids of people wandering around inside was so shocking. Im sure it will eventually be torn down and replaced with a Holiday Inn Express or Hard Rock. Or it will just collapse on it’s own in another 10 years.

    • Laura Martin Hubrich

      Tammy, me and my twin sister spent two weeks every July in the 80’s at Treasure Island with our family and we too saw the same teenagers every summer. We used to hsng out in the TV room right off the lobby as you headed to the pools. Do you happen to remember us? Blonde identical twins. We hung out with Chris and Katie Carr who came every summer from Champaign Illinois.

      • Its been soo long, its hard to remember everyone.. I remember a guy named Rusty-two girls and their brother from Ireland- Mary, Katherine and Thomas–My sister and I are from Canada and remember hanging out in the tv area and taking the trolley to the boardwalk with the group we met… Sorry its taken so long to get back here :)

  7. My wife & I vacationed at the Treasure Island resort for years and deemed it as the BEST HOTEL on Daytona Beach. We stayed in room 718 every year with the most spectacular view of the ocean/beach, and enjoyed our days at both pools. The parasail people along with so many other event people huddled right in front of the pool area on the beach; this was the Happening Spot on the beach. So sad when it was closed due to hurricane damage and have been looking forward to its reopening.

  8. Can anyone confirm that it’s still there and accessible? I want to go, but live a good hour or so away, don’t want to make the trip only to find out it’s demolished. Would greatly appreciate if someone gave me an update on it’s current condition.

    • We are snowbirding two doors from the Treasure Island. There were workers there removing the roofing materials yesterday. Looked like tar paper type flat roof. Presume this is in preparation for demolishment as it looks completely gutted otherwise. No walls, windows, etc. Just the skeleton structure.

  9. Does anyone know if it is still easy to get to and the stair case is still open?

  10. This is a video of the hotel 2014

  11. Laura Martin Hubrich

    This is just awful to see. My parents took me and my twin sister to stay at Treasure Island Inn every July for two weeks for many many years, from the early 1980’s thru the early 1990’s. It was the one place we looked forward to visiting every summer. I even remember “Pops” who used to sit in a chair in the lobby right as you walk in the front doors. I very much miss it and have such good memories of staying there. : (

  12. I live in Daytona Beach and see this Abandet hotel all of time, it is in the best area of Daytona, I’m suppressed no one bought it yet, it is great investment for someone.

  13. Any updates ?

    • Nope. Construction was supposed to have already begun but nothing’s changed. All the rooms have been gutted down to the concrete though.

  14. My Grandparents retired 2 blocks away from TI , I could see its neon sign from their bathroom window.On a wild lark I decided to look for it and found this , What a wretched fate for such a cool place. Mom and dad would leave us with gramma and granpa and get themselves a suite , Once at the Aku Tiki Inn, Daytona Shores was my second home throughout my childhood (im 46 now).
    Goodbye Treasure Island , you really were beautiful .

  15. Anything new?

  16. Any updates? heard they are tearing it down,

  17. still standing i think im going to go explore it soon

  18. @John Vantil, I live very close to here, do you know if security patrols around? Or is it safe to explore?

  19. Went here on 1/16/16 and it’s still standing but it’s inside is torn apart, only concrete and no stairs to even get up to the other floors

  20. What’s the odds that of it ever opening again? Would be one of their first customers. Have a lot of great family memories there.


  22. Any updates?

  23. Just wondering. Anything new with the Treasure Island Inn?

  24. So can anyone go onto this property legally? And is it physically easy to get onto this property? Please get back to me soon.

  25. Are they still planning to tear it down or are they going to restore it. Any word?

    • No word yet. They said they were working on renovating it but last I heard, that was over a year ago and it’s still empty.

      • Was just there this week and several crews are working on several floors with jack hammers, etc…Looks like renovation has begun…My family stayed there in the 60’s and early 70’s before the big building was built…

  26. I wish a Hospitality Company buy the property. It’s a great Oceanfront Location.

  27. Was there 3 weeks stairs.still got up there but.its pretty naked

  28. Was told still there gutted no stairs on Sept 5 2016 Carole see e mail

  29. Is there still a way to get in there?

  30. Was told stairs gone inside gutted on earlier e mail comment so don’t think so anyone else have newer data?

  31. It is hard to believe we can’t get any news about the Treasure Island Inn. I have googled it at least once a month and come up with nothing. Any word?

    • None and I haven’t seen any work done to it when I passed through there this past weekend. If I hear something, I’ll be sure to update this.

  32. Is it still there? And can you get in?

  33. Some Workers have tagged themselves on the facebook page of Treasure Island Inn saying “Remodeling the old treasure from hurricane Charles.” The facebook page is listed as a restaurant, but it is an unofficial page. Here is the link if anyone is interested…..

  34. Good to hear its still standing and being renovated–was hoping Id get a chance to go back–I was about 15/16 the last time I was there in the 80’s–now in my 40’s would love to see it updated –I used to love their souvinier shop which had EVERYTHING from towels to chocolate to swimsuits and blow up rafts—anyone who was in their teens who stayed here in the 80’s?

    Tammy from Canada

  35. Wow it’s really sad to me I loved this place I worked at Treasure Island inn from 1985 to 1987 my bosses name was Lori Costello I worked on the 9th Floor with a girl named Gene. Had so many great memories here ….