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In 1967, architect Chayo Frank was tasked with designing an office building for his father’s architectural woodworking and store fixture manufacturing business, Amertec-Granada Inc. With the use of sprayed concrete construction, he was able to have his design plan realized which involved a combination free-form aesthetics; parts of the building were completely free-form such as the water flumes on the exterior while curved rebars were used to form the large geometric shapes.

Chayo Frank had a love for nature and while the building was being painted, he began developing an idea. He wanted his design to transcend architecture as a building and become what he called, an “organic entity” which involved a combination of all aspects of design to resemble an object of nature. To achieve this, he used metallic paints that enabled sunlight to reflect off the textures on the exterior of the building, giving it a more life-like quality to it.

His father’s business operated until it was sold in 2002. In later years, the building was painted white and used as storage for a produce company. The building was demolished in February 2017.

The Amertec Building | Photo © 2011 Bullet,


  1. Shakisha Hagins

    is this abandoned and if so what is needed to acquire the property?

  2. Shakisha Hagins

    how would a person acquire the property?

  3. I believe that building is in Hialeah, very close to where I work. I have been fascinated by it since I was a child. I can get some more pictures of it.

  4. If anyone is interested.

  5. The building was reprinted at least a year ago. The painted it like an orange color. I’m not sure if its being used though.

    • Yep, I have an updated photo at the bottom of the photo gallery. Someone pointed out to me that it’s painted in Dolphins colors.

  6. Hey, i’m a journalism student and was wondering if I could write a story about this building for my class. How would I get in touch with someone that would grant me permission to see the place inside? Also, who can I talk to that would know the history behind it?

    • Unfortunately, I have no idea who to get in contact with to gain permission. As for the history, what I have written is pretty much the history behind it.

      • Ok, thank you. I haven’t gone to the building yet however I was wondering if the most recent picture is what it looks like now. I had heard it was painted white but in the picture it’s painted in rusty pastel colors.

        • It was painted white sometime after 2002, when the building was sold. The most recent picture I have up is what it looks like now. I think around 2012, it was repainted into what a friend pointed out, Dolphins colors.

  7. I was wondering if the building is open? I would like to go take pictures for my photography portfolio..

  8. Hey Bullet, how did you get inside? I cycled there today and took a few pics of the outside… Awesome building!

    • Pics are old. A few years ago, the front door was wide open, being held shut with a cinderblock and you were able to just walk right inside.

  9. perhaps I will be there in Mai 2015 .. coming from Germany

  10. is this place still up?

  11. That building is in Hialeah my hometown I’ve been passing by it for over 30 years and it’s changed much the only thing they have done was paint it. I was a told by a friend that the building is being used as storage but I can’t confirm it.

  12. Just wanted to let you guys know, it’s nice to know you find my design of interest. I always assumed it was headed towards oblivion.

  13. My father worked at Creative Displays which was based there for many years. I spent a lot of time in the offices which were in the interesting part of the building. Love that building.

  14. Mr. Frank! Are you still in South Florida? I would love to ask you a few questions about the building and your other outdoor art.