Medical Neglegence

Urban exploration isn’t only about exploring abandoned places but about hanging out with friends, interacting with the locals and finding the small details that gives these places character. I thought I’d share some stories with you throughout the following weeks. I first explored the now-demolished William Robinson house back in 2009. Back then, there wasn’t as much damage done to the property as the years that followed. You weren’t... Read More

William Robinson House

Photo Credit: Emily Dietrich, 2011 – The house was damaged by hurricanes over the years. Nestled into the coast of the Indian River Lagoon, where south Florida and central Florida first start to merge, sits an incredible historical house – once undoubtedly one of the most beautiful gems of the area – in an incredibly depressing state of disrepair. Built circa 1900 by William Robinson, the large, two-story family home was a gorgeous... Read More