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Prep Work Begins on Glass Bank Demolition

COCOA BEACH – Demolition of the recognizable but dilapidated Glass Bank building has moved one step closer.

A backhoe and a compact front-end loader were moved Monday into the parking lot of the building off of State Road A1A at the entrance to the downtown area.

Workers knocked a hole in the south side of the building to get a good look at the floors and the kind of materials that will need to be removed before demolition.

In the next few days workers will be in and out of the building preparing for the removal of asbestos and for demolition, which is scheduled to begin the first week of January.

“We’re just doing some prep for the asbestos abatement that has to be done,” said Allen Wilkins, owner of Lakeland-based Crusader Demolition.

Cocoa Beach assistant city manager Charles Holland said that from time to time leading up to the demolition, trucks and equipment will be at the site and workers will be inside the building as they salvage parts and work on the removal of the asbestos.

Asbestos removal is scheduled to begin next week and will last for about 20 days, at which time workers will begin stripping and preparing the building for demolition.

“They will be moving in heavy equipment after Christmas,” Holland said. “They are going to take it down, essentially one story at a time.

Demolition is scheduled to begin Jan. 2.

Photo by Dundee, 2014
Photo Credit: Dundee, 2014