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Update and Hosting Renewal

So a little over a month ago, my hosting provider had decided to change the server my website is on which led to some disastrous results; broken links and none of the photos were transferred over. So the weeks that followed, I manually uploaded all 1000+ photos and matched them back up with the location they belong to. There are still some pages that I haven’t fixed yet but they will be eventually.

So to add to the hosting problems, there’s the hosting fees which come up every year. This year has already been paid for so this website will continue functioning with hopefully, no more problems. Though I’ve already paid for it, money’s tight over here and I would’ve hated to see something I’ve spent so much time with to be lost forever. What I’m asking for is any amount of help to recoup some of these costs, be it even one dollar, anything helps.

Donation Page

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Thanks for all your support!