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World’s Second Largest Alligator Demolished

Jungleland Zoo Gator Demolished
Photo Credit: lexann_28 via Instagram, 2014

KISSIMMEE – I wrote about Jungleland Zoo, it’s past and it’s current state, a few years ago.

One of the more distinct roadside attractions, Jungleland Zoo can be spotted by the 126-foot long alligator which sits prominently in front of the Gator Motel. For years, the Jungleland gator was the largest gator in the world, back when it was still called Alligatorland, until Swampy was built at an amazing 200-feet long at Jungle Adventures in Christmas, Florida.

The photo above though shows that the gator has been demolished sometime in the past couple of weeks. With the demolition of the nearby Viking Motel, my guess is the rest of the zoo and the adjacent Gator Motel aren’t far from being demolished as well.