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Dragon Point has a new owner

MERRITT ISLAND – The bank that owns Dragon Point accepted a purchase offer last week from a local man who plans to build a new riverfront mansion, said DeWayne Carpenter, a partner with The Carpenter/Kessel Homeselling Team of Century 21 Spectrum.

The potential buyer and bank officials negotiated the sale during the past week, Carpenter said, though he did not disclose the potential sale price. The Carpenter/Kessel Homeselling Team listed Dragon Point on Nov. 12 for $975,000.

The undisclosed buyer is exploring whether to rebuild Annie the dragon, the fire-belching, sea-foam-green dragon statue that stood for decades at the southern-most point of Merritt Island.

Annie was sculpted in 1971 from concrete, steel, and wire mesh by Lewis VanDercar, a flamboyant Miami sculptor and painter who claimed he was a warlock.

The 20-ton monster was commissioned by the Chrystal family, which owned the estate at the end of Point Drive.

In 1982, VanDercar added the tail, an interior “cave” and four dragon hatchlings: Joy, Sunshine, Charity and Freedom. He later crafted a caveman couple standing nearby, Fred and Wilma.

Annie collapsed during a storm in 2002, tumbling into the Indian River; vandalism was blamed for contributing to the statue’s destruction.

Save Dragon Point, an organization dedicated to rebuilding the dragon statue, made a statement about the news:

We are pleased the property has a buyer and will be cleaned up. It has been an eyesore for some time. Unfortunately Save Dragon Point was not able to purchase the property as we hoped and turn it into a boat accessible park, with Annie and kids back on the point. We do wish the new owner the best of luck in their endeavors with the property. We would like to work with the new owner to restore Annie and her kids if they are interested.

As for the funds we have raised, they are in a trust and can be used to help the new owner rebuild Annie and her kids, or to build Annie in a alternative location. Save Dragon Point supports reading and the arts of in elementary schools and the funds will also used to promote that cause. Save Dragon Point has already donated several books to the Brevard county school system.

Carpenter said the remains of decaying mansion will have to be removed via barge.