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Anderson’s Corner


At the corner of Silver Palm Dr and Newton Rd in Homestead sits Anderson’s General Store. Established in 1911, they sold a large selection of items to the nearby residents and businesses, though the only other options to purchase items was 15 miles away in Cutler Bay.

The store closed sometime in the 1930s, was converted to apartments and then condemned in 1975. It was listed on the National Registry of Historic Places in 1977 and then a local historic site in 1981.

Though the exterior looks to be in great shape, the interior is something else. When I visited, it looked as though construction was happening inside but then stopped halfway through. To put it into perspective how bad it is, there isn’t much of a floor throughout the building and not much in the way of walls either, just a whole mess of plywood.

Photo by Bullet, 2012
Photo Credit: Bullet, 2012