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Photo by Nomeus, 2011 - Flurbex.com

The Drew Mansion Is Up For Sale

Springfield Preservation and Revitalization(SPAR), a non-profit community organization who facilitate positive change in the Springfield historic district in Jacksonville, posted on their Facebook page that the Drew Mansion is up for sale.

The “Drew Mansion”, as most locals call it, is an iconic landmark in Jacksonville’s architectural history and in our neighborhood. It’s also one of the most endangered historic properties in the region. The property is for sale for $75k, but needs significant repairs. It has a great floor plan, sits directly on the park, and overlooks Downtown from it’s balcony. We’d love to help find someone to take on this special project. Is that person you….or your rich uncle?

If you know someone interested or you’re interested in this yourself, send them an email at sparoffice@sparcouncil.org.