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Food Rocks

Food Rocks debuted inside The Land pavilion at Epcot Center on March 26, 1994. It replaced the former audio-animatronic show, “Kitchen Kabaret”.

The show was themed as a benefit concert for good nutrition hosted by Fud Wrapper, voiced by real-life rapper Tone Loc. However, the show was continually interrupted by the Excess, a junk food heavy metal band that detests good nutrition. In the end, Excess lost their power as Fud Wrapper exclaimed, “No power? You guys have been unplugged! There’s plenty of foods out there that are good to eat, but remember, always eat with moderation.”

The Audio-Animatronic characters were food items with human features. The music was based on popular songs by well-known performers, with lyrics adapted to the topic of nutrition. For example, “The Peach Boys”, singing “Good Nutrition”, was based on The Beach Boys’ song “Good Vibrations”. Five of these acts used the voices of the parodied musicians themselves: Tone Loc, Neil Sedaka, Little Richard, The Pointer Sisters, and Chubby Checker. Many of the characters returned for the finale.

Food Rocks closed on January 3, 2004 to make way for the ride, Soarin’. The animatronics were sold on eBay, but would re-emerged and displayed at a Disney fan event called Marvelous Mechanized Magic Kingdom at the Disneyland Hotel in 2010.