The Southeastern Academy of Travel and Tourism was originally opened in Orlando, offering two-year associate’s degree programs in business, computer and other professional fields. It was only temporary as their primary location was being renovated. In 1976, they moved into their new building situated on 31-acres of land, a converted Ramada Inn built in the late-1960s located just off the Florida Turnpike.

The school operated until May 31, 2001, when the school was forced to close down due to financial issues. At the time of it’s closing, the school had 235 students attending, with many students claiming that the school still owed them tuition reimbursements. Students received copies of their transcripts and financial aid records as well as receiving full credit for courses they were currently attending. Other students received their diplomas if they were to graduate after the quarter.

The financial issues the school had stem back to a court hearing, which found them guilty of not filing a closeout audit and not properly accounting federal funds for the 1999-2000 and 2000-2001 award years. The judge ordered that Southern College and Southeastern Academy repay to the United States Department of Education the sum of $5,555,682.46 and $5,069,550.00, respectively; in other words, a sum of money the school didn’t have.

In November 2002, Positive Directions Alliance, a non-profit organization that provided housing, counseling and job training to homeless and other deprived individuals, began operating at the former school. Six months later, it’s residents were forced to vacate the premises after electricity to the property was cut off due to an outstanding fee of $26,000 to Kissimmee Utility Authority. At this time, the property was still in the hands of Southeastern Academy, with the possibility that the building was leased out to Positive Directions Alliance.

Southeastern Academy declared bankruptcy and the property was acquired by Super Stop Petroleum Inc. in 2003. Around 2004, Super Stop Petroleum leased the property out to the Kissimmee Christian Academy(KCA). Late that same year, the KCA filed a lawsuit against Super Stop Petroleum, claiming they were harassed off the property by having their electricity, water, and sewer services cut off and then sent a erroneous bill against the provisions of it’s lease. Though, remnants of a church organization could be found at the abandoned school, it’s history goes deep into conspiracy at this point.

Southeastern Academy of Travel and Tourism | Photo © 2014 The Proper People
Photo Credit: The Proper People, 2014

Pastor Lee Wasson, who runs the KCA, believes it is so Super Stop can establish it’s own organization, Universal Heritage Foundation(UHF), a group known for its hate speech against Christians and Jews. He also said that the UHF invited speakers to it’s mosque, describing suicide bombers as “martyrs“, and call for the imposition of Sharia law in the U.S. He also claims that the UHF have been in charge of other mosques and schools that have been under investigation or have had arrests and raids.

According to this site, the Universal Heritage Foundation is run by Zulfiqar Ali Shah, a person with a long history with managing extremist Muslim organizations. Shah has had many dealings with Mohammed Javed Qureshi, who runs Super Stop Petroleum. It is also worthy to note that Super Stop is only one of 160 companies registered to Qureshi. Again, there are remnants of Islamic literature found at the former school, which provide some proof that an Muslim organization occupied the building for a while, but the rest is up to debate.

The building sat vacant for years and it would be around 2008 when the vandalism on the property would begin. Though a fence was erected around the property, officials and neighbors seem to not pay attention to who comes and goes off the property. Chunks of the walls and ceiling litter the floor, the landscape is terribly overgrown, and the graffiti on the walls is what you’d expect from kids. Much of the building has been on fire at some point, including the main lobby and many of the dorm rooms. In October 2009, a storage building located behind the school which contained textbooks, school materials and even a truck was set ablaze. Even though the property is currently on the market for $2.5 million, vandalism there remained an issue.

The school was eventually demolished in 2014.

Southeastern Academy of Travel and Tourism | Photo © 2014 The Proper People
Photo Credit: The Proper People, 2014


  1. John Michael Harvey

    I attended this school in the summer, 1983. I met several wonderful people, students and staff alike, and it saddens me to see what happened over the years. I remember a lot of studying, sunshine, talking around the pool and watching all the beautiful girls like Donna and Lisa and Terri…
    Lowell, who was a serious man and very serious about his studies.
    Andy, the good looking smart one that all the girls liked.
    Joe Alba, my brother in spirit who I should have but never saw again.
    So sad, that no one can make wonderful memories like I did in that place any more.


    • John…I also had many great memories of this school in 1991…..its very sad to see this…especially knowing that we walked down the paths to class and to our dorms…..I met some great people there and have many pictures……wish I could reconnect with them….I have to say…it was a great 3 months of my life that I will never forget!!!

    • Hi,
      So sad to see those pictures……..I was an instructor at SEA for 15 years, and met so many wonderful young people, that made my job an absolute delight. God bless you all.

      • Hi
        Pat my name is Kendall Cummins I remember having you as an instructor in the fall of 93 .I remember the video interviews from your class and also having alot of fun while I was there. I always wanted to go back just to walk around and remember, guess that isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

        • Lynda Bost-Schawo

          Kendall- we hung out!!! I was roommates with Debbie, Elisha, and Chris. I remember us hanging at Cocoa Beach with Brian and the other guys. Lynda Bost-Schawo

        • I believe I was in your class. 1993..it was a beautiful place then..i still have our class pictures and photos of campus

      • I had you as an instructor and remember you well. We all chanted “star, star, star” at our graduation ceremony and laughed our buts off. Feb. class of 1989.

      • Pat. Yes, I remember you. I was there in 1995. Had the best class of the bunch!

        • I went to that school in 96 I was a good school making new friends and the teachers were friends I need received my tuition money as well

      • Hello Pat,

        Do you remember me, I was in your ticketing class, in Group 6-1, July 6 to August 14, 1981. I really loved your class the best, you are a great teacher !!! When I was in Kissimmee in June 2005, I tried to look up Southeastern Academy but could not find it in the phone book, I figured it went out of business. I just happen to think to look for you on Facebook. I just came home today from Sebastian, FL. My Mom and step father have a winter home there in Sebastian. Do you still live in Florida? I work at Hannaford Supermarket in Belfast, Maine. Hope you are doing well. I am saddened to see our former SEA building in bad shape. I really enjoyed the school and it was a great experience for me.

        David Chaney, Searsport, ME

        • Hi David,

          I attended class the same dates as you. I loved my experience at the academy. I owe my 23 year career with Marriott to the basics I learned there. We had some great teachers!

          I just spoke to my mom today (she works for a company that does test reservation calls for hotels and she researched Southeastern Academy since it is close to a hotel she was calling to test and found out the bad news on-line about this wonderful school.)

          Cathy – Fort Lauderdale,FL

      • hi..do u know what happened to mrs starr???she was there when i was attending and i will never forget her

      • Hi Pat Starr! I remember you! I was there in 1985! Scott Shiley, a former grad and Student Assistant/

        • Hey Scott… Ron Weideman here from May 14, 1985 – June 21, 1985. How’s it going? You were from Johnstown, PA right? I am a flight dispatcher now in Greensboro, NC but live in CT and commute. How’s things? email ronfunlover@aol.com and say hello sometime.

      • Hi Pat,

        Ron Weideman saying hello. I had you for a class but old age won’t let me remember which one. I can still remember 0TW15Y22OCTSTLMCONN1
        though. I was the really skinny guy with thick glasses back then. Now i’m just a hunk who needs reading glasses (lol). I attended from May 13, 1985 – June 21, 1985 and reeally miss the fun days and night there. Who could forget all the wonderful live bands playing 80’s music at the comfort inn or Ho Jo’s. It was really a wish I could go back from now 6 weeks. Mike Jurina is the only other instructor I remember and he left while I was there. It is really sad to see the building in such a mess. I’m sure it is torn down by now though. Still great friends with one other person I met there and he works for Air Wisconsin and I am a flight dispatcher with a large cargo airline at moment after working with United and Jetblue. Been around the world First class a few times each direction for nothing and enjoy it even if not the old days. Commute now from GSO-LGA every week and take the Metro North as live near Waterbury, CT. It adds up as in 2015 alone I have 102 flights that I have been on and it’s onlystarting Sept. Anybody from the June 21, 1985 grad class email ronfunlover@aol.com and say hello.


    • I also have great memories, I received my certificate in 1984, I include this accomplishment on my resume, should I reconsider? I was a travel agent for 10+ because of Southeastern Academy, no longer in travel however will never forget

  2. SEA! was great experience, I attended in 1991. I have a face book page for South Eastern Academy graduates. So maybe we can reconnect there. Tell everyone to join.

  3. Graduated in March of 1986 went thru the 12 week program at the school, and its very sad to see what has happened to the school

  4. Dana White McDowell

    I attended the six week class in the summer of 1984. Great memories! I was updating my resume and thought of Southeastern. So sad the school closed and disturbing to see these pictures!

  5. Graduated June of 1988. What a spring it was that year. Taking in the night life from drinks in the woods by HOJO’s, Orlando bars, Daytona beach and cruzin around in the white mustang GT. By the way…SEA did help me find a job in the car rental industry(National, Budget). But now in the IT industry. WHAT A EXPERIENCE IT WAS.

  6. Katrina (Vowell) Masakowski

    grad spring 1983 – SEA was an awesome experience, lots of fun and great teachers – really sad to see what has happened to the place…worked with American Airlines for several years then when into Healthcare –

    • Hi Katrina, what month in 83 did you graduate? I gradtuated in April 83, I was in the 6 week class.

      • I graduate in spring of ’83 also. I’m hoping to hear some stories from that class, we had a blast (and manage to graduate with high grades.

        • Hi Katrina I graduated in the Spring of 83 also…I have only reconnected with 1 person on FB…it is so sad what happened to the school. Had a great time when I went there…so many great memories! I hung out with Tim White, Maria Guierreri and a few others my memory is shot..lol!

      • Jack what is your last name? My last name at the time was Cochran.
        I graduated in that class. I miss those days a lot. I am always telling stories about things that happened then. Does anyone know what happened to mom and pop?

  7. I graduated from SEA summer of 1992. I was also very sad to see what happened to the school. it was a great experience for me! I ended up staying in Florida, been here now for 18 years!


      • Jen (Johnson) Wilson

        I also attended there graduating in July ’92.. lol, Also met the father of my kids there. Have since Moved back to Minnesota, there was only 3 of us Minnesotans..lol. My Best friend Deanna (Douglas) Reshetar went and it was the best experience of our lives.. So awesome!! Worked a little while in the industry, Was in Student Activities Council. What a great experience.. Pat Starr, I remember you, you were one of my favorite teachers.. :)

  8. I’m a 1989 graduate, and this makes me very sad. I learned a lot of professional skills at SEA, from wonderful teachers. I worked in the field for some time before going to college, and attribute my strong work ethic to those days at SEA.

  9. I attended SEA in May-Aug in 1998. I had a great time. Met a lot of good people. Hello to all if anyone notices my posting that attended while I was there.

    • Shannon Gamble

      I attended July-October 1998 Please email me if you have any photos or pictures from during that time. If you were part of that class please get in touch with me. I’m trying to find good friends from back then that I lost contact with. I have some pictures from the cruise and school. Yolanda if you’re reading this please contact me. You were a good friend ! Corey Kootnce I’m callin u out.

      • hI Shannon, i graduated the same time u did. lots of great memories…how are you doing?

        • Hi Allen, Please tell me more about the time we graduated! If you have pictures I would love to see them.

          Excited Shannon Gamble

      • one of the best 4 months of my life…

      • i attened the same time i was thinking about those days and was trying to remember everyone

      • Marcus Covington

        Hi Shannon,
        My name is Marcus I graduated in that same class. I’m trying to do the same thing. I’ve kept in contact with a couple of classmates via Facebook but there are some that I would love to hear from.

  10. I graduated from the 1/2 at home, 1/2 on campus in Florida in 1987. Summer of. It was really fun. Does anyone know the address of where it was? I was in the Kissimmee area 6 years ago and everything just seemed so deja vu! I remember just having the time of my life there!

    • in the old days it was 2333 east spacecoast pkwy kissimmee fl 32741…..now its 233 academy drive?

    • Would love to keep in touch with all of my Classmates. I think I was there in 1987 or I started in 1988? I loved it so much. It was like a TV show some people would have thought we were paid to go but I think everyone had the best time studying or doing what we had to do. I’m so sad about the closing, a lot of people will miss what we loved


  11. I graduated SEA in “88. It is so sad to see it in this state. Hello to anyone who I attended with!!

  12. We attended March of 86, we also were saddened by what we saw was left of SEA. I met susan in class and we have been married for 24 years now. We are in Kissimmee for vacation and thought we would look up the school, I guess we won’t look for the building any more. But what alot of great memories and photos we share. Hello to John, Tom, and Betsy.

    • That is around the time I was there. Great times. My roommates were Agatha Zadora and Claudia Vegas. I remember Jeff from Parma, Ohio and John from Clyde, Ohio. Ordering pizza from the local Domino’s, having great swimming parties, and of course not to forget the education.

  13. I graduated from SEA home and 6week program in 79. I often wondered what became of some of the kids I met there. Sorry to see the school is gone. Makes me kind of feel Like my certificate us null and void. lol

  14. I graduated in 1981 and had the best time of my life here…trying to reconnect with freinds on facebook…cant find anyone!

    • Does anyone remember Darcy Thorne? She graduated in the late 70s or early 80s. She was a travel agent when we met. I married her over 25 years ago. She has always spoken fondly of SEA/we still have her diploma…she would love to hear from classmates!

    • I attended Nov-Dec 1981.

    • Hello Lisa,

      I graduated from SEA from a 6 week class July 6 to Aug. 14, 1981. I was in the Group 6-1 class. I have not heard from anyone for many years and do not know where any one that was in my class or where my 2 room mates are now. I remember Pat Starr, our ticketing teacher, my favorite teacher. I enjoyed all the teachers and my fellow classmates and also made some friends that was not in my class directly.

      David Chaney, Searsport, ME

      • I graduated from SEA sometime between fall 1980 and 1982. Dont remember, but had the time of my life. I don’t remember names, but my two roommates where from Shelbyville, IN, and another friend was from York, PA. There was also a girl from Texas.

    • I was there in June of 1981..
      It was truely great.did the home study and follow up with the 4weeks

    • My name is Sharon Price-Walker. I too graduated in 1981. I have a fond memory of going to Miami beach in a Friday 13th and getting stuck in the sand. But made it back in time. After graduation I landed A job as a “Pricer” in the Revenue and Accounting Department for US Air when they first came out, and Braniff Airlines @ Love Field. Was deeply saddened , I just found out last night.

  15. Ouch. This pictures make me sad. I attended in 1993 and I loved it. Was filling out a resume and needed the address is what made me come across this site. Disturbing photos and I can clearly remember those dorms and walking down some of those hallways to class. Spent many evenings in that pool as well. So sad to see what this place has become. I remember the good times and good friends too. Miss them all and hope they are all well. Will try to connect through those FB pages.

  16. I gratuated in June 1985, and was a Student Assistant, employed by the school until Christmas that year. Some of the best memories of my young adult life happened there: young love, heartbreak at saying goodbye, good friends (a few of which I am still in touch with), a good education, good meals, cute girls by the pool, partying at the nearby Comfort Inn Lounge, awesome 80’s music, growing up, Disney. Gosh, to have life be that simple again. Truly sad to see these pics.

    • Of course I can spell “graduated”. :-) Spelling was learned prior to coming to SEA. LOL

    • Suzie Altmyer Tarr

      I graduated in November 1985. Sounds like you were still there when I was. It was sad for me to see the video, too. I met some great people there….and I think we went to HoJos and Off the Wall for fun! The pool was great, too! And I’ll never forget getting to make our calls home! Hoping to find my old roommate and some other friends on here. Hmmm…if I could only remember their last names! LOL!

      • Yes, Suzie, I would have been one of your 3 Student Assistants, along with George Crane and Darcy McKeon.

  17. Kathy (Haas) Necaise

    I attended in 1990 and also have fond memories of SEA. It is sad, but moreso sickening to see how the place was treated in the end. My room was ground level and poolside…SOOO enjoyed that!!! @ Kevin Hahn- We were only a couple yrs apart so, I too remember going down the path through the woods to HoJo’s where there was happy hour(s) at the bar (every night)…LOL…Orlando bars, Churchstreet Station, and friends (met at SEA) from all over the country joining in on the fun, too! I lost any info I might’ve had many yrs ago on those friends and truly wish I could find some of them. If anyone was there in 1990, you’re welcome to look me up on FB (Katherine Haas Necaise) or email (lovemy2boyz25@aol.com).

  18. I attended in 1980. Wow, these pictures and the youtube video really upsets me. I too had good memories and made good friends. I’ve work in the industry ever since my graduation, hotels, Amtrak and a couple of airlines. Really a sad bit of information.

    • Hi terry
      I attended sea in 1980 also.
      I had a blast. I was a 12 weeker and stayed on as a
      student coordinador,

      • Damien Prendergast

        I believe I was in the group you stayed on for. Was a Mary Brown (? guessing last name) the other coordinator?

  19. Class_of_1989_It_was_a_great_experience_

  20. Wow, I went to this school, graduated March 23, 1979…probably the besttimes i had in my young adult life! I was there for the six week course, my god what good memories, i saw my old room in that video and its destroyed just like the rest of the place….is this place still standing? What a shame it was in such good shape when i went there…….

  21. Attended in March of ’86.It was a wonderful experience.Made some lifelong friends there.

  22. when I went there the training was very good……… and the party went on to curfew….. unless you went out for drinks and snuck back in past the gate of course! way back in 1979 the hotel near the school was the howard johnsons in the bar was the rum keg lounge….. you follow the trail from the school up to the parking lot to the lounge what good memories we had drinking and having fun…… I was in the area in 1984 and I’ve visited the school and it still seem to be a real good shape then too………….. I can only remember 1 of my teachers in her name was susan lockhart she taught ticketing…………..

    • Diana Leverone Johnson

      I remember that path, lol, lots of drinkin’ out there going to HoJo’s and the Comfort Inn! I went in the spring of 84′. Such great memories!

      • I graduated May 1984. Memories from there I will never forget. Also, a decade long career In Dallas, Tx with American Airlines. Now, I work for a University in Denton, Tx.

        • I also was there in 1984
          how u doing
          I live in Clearwater working for cayman airways

          • I was there for the winter classes of 1984. Remember following that trail to the lounges many times. The campus and classes there was an awesome experience.

      • I was there for the same timeframe… Great times, that went fast. So sad to see the photos.

      • I remember Ho Jo’s too! hahaha….I felt like I was a real daredevil cutting thru the brush to get there, but those dagone mosquitoes! Who knew I’d end up living in Florida being a farm girl from the Poconos. :-)

        Good times there for sure!

    • I Think darcy might have been ini my class. March of 1980

    • I was there Oct/Nov/Dec 1979

  23. I graduated SEA March 29, 1990. I, too, had a great experience there. Met some amazing people who I would love to re-connect with. I did re-connect with two people from my graduating class but none of us can find anyone else. It breaks my heart to see these photos in comparison to the one’s i have from 1990.

  24. I was a graduate of June 17th, 1994. I can’t believe the mess that people have turned thta school property into… and to know that they were possibly harboring terroristic activity there at one time, it nauseates me. How can people let stuff like this happen?? I even saw the gutted shell of my old dorm rooms, & to think that I slept on one of those beds & studied at one of those desks at one time, it’s beyond words for me right now.This is truly a damn shame. I would like to reconnect with anyone who graduated from SEA in June of 1994, 7 maybe plan a small reunion of some kind. Let me know!!! –Frankie ;-D

    • Katina Amerson Craver

      Hey Frank,
      I graduated on June 17th, 1994 as well. At the time I was known by the name Katina Amerson and I was from NC. I shared a dorm room with Sandy Thibodeaux from Orlando. Sadly I saw this mess firsthand when I went down for a funeral in 2009. I have a lot of great memories inside those walls and I’m sad to see the shape that it has fallen into.

  25. I graduated in Feb., 1994. I met some fantastic people there and, like many others who attended, I have spent long, late-night hours searching the internet for some of them I miss dearly. I hope the facebook page turns out to be the source for many reunions. One girl I knew there still has my Championship basketball ring that I would certainly like to have back. I too have many memories from this place including breaking hearts and getting my heart broken. If you are a person who attended between 1991 and 1994 and do not remember me by name; I was one-half of two guys known as the “White Cup Boys” who were always seen around campus with large, white, styrofoam cups filled with inebriating beverages. I can be found on facebook and I will send a friend request to the facebook page dedicated to the school.

  26. Yep,long live Southeastern Academy!!!

  27. i did not graduate from here but i sure as hell had fun taking all of these photos! :)

    • Thanks for posting this. I have often though about this place and wondered what had become of it. As someone else said, its very disturbing looking at what had become of this place. I was there in Nov. Dec. 1989. Wasn’t the Ritz but it sufficed. Wow. Is the building still intact? I might try to see if I can find it one day when I’m in town. Thanks again for the pictures.

  28. I remember. flying down to the orlando mccoy jetport from bwi……on an Eastern a727…..the bus from SEA met us at the airport….upon our arrival on campus (it was a Sunday afternoon)…..there was a huge party going on the top floor rooms…….I was partying. within the hour! We used to party in rooms 260 and 261 the were on the opposite side of each other so we would just yell thru the air vents to communicate..god what fun we had there!!!

  29. I ended up working in the airline industry for 4 years after my graduation from southeastern….. and I have to admit that having a southeastern diploma did in fact help me get the job at BWI Airport…stayed there until 1983 as a ramp agent……then I got offered a job in telecom that paid twice the hourly rate I was making…as much as I loved the airline industry I have to admit I made the right move and still believe that after almost 30 years….but I do miss those glory days!

  30. Robert Weber, do you remember Darcy Thorne? She was there from 1978 – 1980. She was a travel agent for parts of about 15 years after the Academy.

  31. hi john…the name doesn’t sound familiar…do you know what her graduating date was? I was 3/23/1979

  32. Robert, I am pretty sure it was sometime in 1980. We have her diploma somewhere -if I find it I will let you know; plus I’ll ask Darcy if she remembers the date…

  33. yeah that’s probably why I don’t remember her name………..can you ask her if she remembers 2 teachers by the names of Beth Humphrey(humphries?) and Susan Lockhart……they are the only instuctors that I remember…..robert

  34. best tuittion i had to pay back! i enjoyed the overall experience. Hate to see the results today.

  35. if I remember correctly my class started the last week of february 1979.. I mentioned earlier that it was a 6 week class but actually it was a 4 week class…… I graduated on march 23rd 1979

  36. Paul do you remember Darcy Thorne?

    • John, the name Darcy does sound familiar. Ask her if she remembers Paul Thacker, I was on the disciplinary advisory board for our class, and one of the speakers at our graduation. Also, she might remember some of my friends, Tony Dimarco, Jenny Williams, or Rusty (oops,can’t think of his last name). It would be great to get in touch with old classmates. Thiry-three years later, I still regard my time at SEA as the most fun four weeks of my life, and would love to know that my old friends were doing well!

  37. Paul Thacker, Class of February 1979 (4-week). I would really love to hear from any of my classmates! Hoping they’ve all had wonderful lives, and to one very special person, I wish you all the best life has to offer!!! You deserve it!

    • Paul, what was your graduation date? I was 3/23/79

      • I was in the 4-week class imediately before you, 2-23-79 I believe.

        • yep thats the right time frame, i think i flew down on Feb 25 1979 and class started the next day feb 26…dang just missed ya!!!!!

          • Well Robert, I hope you had as much fun as I did the month before ya! I scanned their facebook page, postings back to early 2010, I think I found postings from every class the school ever had except mine. I would give my left arm to see our old class pic. I think I’m going to join the group, and hopefully find someone who still has it.

          • By the way Robert, did you play pool in the rec hall, I left a custom pool cue there. It was a two piece with green/white Irish linen wrap, and mother of pearl inlays in the shape of clubs. I called the school, but noone ever owned up to seeing it. Of course it’s long gone now, but just for laughs I’d like to know if it wound up on the rec hall wall.

          • Oh yes I had a blast! it was probably the best 4 weeks I ever had during my young adult life!!!!!! just so many damn good memories…….. and yes I did shoot pool….. but I do not remember that particular pool stick but you never know I probly used it figuring it wa just another house stick…….. actually we spend more time at the rum keg lounge……… I hung with a group of about 5 to 6 people and we got very tight together during our 4 week stay there….. we did trips to daytona beach….. we went kart racing at a place called mario andrettis international grand prix… I think that was on international drive in orlando…. and I remember we went to disney that was lot of fun

          • and the amazing thing about it all was that I was only 18 and a half years old at the time….. and the legal drinking age in florida at that time with 18 it was unbelievable!!!!!!!

          • Shoot me an email at raul700@yahoo.com and I will send pics of my class and other cool pics during my stay

  38. Graduated in 1983…so sad to see these photos.

    • I was there in 83 also hate to see it in the shape it is in . would your full name be Victor Garcia that i roomed with in school .

  39. I graduated in march of 83. If there’s anybody out there from my class please look me up on facebook. Loved my experience at SEA!

  40. I went there, I think in 1987 from September to December. School did nothing really for my career at all. Did not secure me any jobs whatsoever. Was a big waste of money in my mind. Pretty expensive three-month vacation in Florida as far as I am concerned. Partied my ass of there though. HOJO’s was my friend! And since when I attended I was 21, I made alot of extra money buying others alcohol, who were not of age. Wish I would have brought my own car though.

    • Did you try getting a job Jeff? The school like any other school gets you ready for a job. It is up to you to go out and get it. In your post you stated you partied your ass off. If you put that much energy into finding a job maybe you would have bee successful Just saying!

  41. I was lucky too, because I did not have to stay on campus. The school was overbooked so I got to live at the HOJO for the three months. My roomate was a thief though. Had to change that up quick. Sometimes I wish I would have stayed in Florida, maybe would have helped the job situation. But nope…..Went back to Iowa.

  42. I attended from October 1993 – Febuary 1994. Had THE best time there..made a ton of friends and I keep in touch a few to this day! Would Love to have some kind of reunion soon! I remember my class talked about that but its been almost 20 years and no reunion yet!! :(

    I worked for Delta Airlines after school in Nashville TN (BNA) for those of us that remember the airline codes LOL!!
    I also worked for a number of travel agencies in 4 different states. I loved that school and its SO sad to see what has happened to it since and how it happened….very upsetting for sure. It wasn’t a 4 star school but I had the best experience!!!
    Did anyone have Ms Peace for ticketing? I loved her..we still keep in touch belive it or not!!!

    • JoDonn Rodden-Griffin

      I attended Oct 93-Feb 94. I have had an awesome travel career over the past 20 years. I can’t believe the school… travel schools are a thing of the past. I haven’t kept in contact from anyone since school ended.. I hope all are doing well!

  43. If anyone is looking for jobs in the travel industry, check out http://www.froschtravel.com.

  44. Well i graduated in 12/13/96. I spent some of the best times of my life here. I met some of the greatest friends there. I still talk to today on Facebook. I hated to see the pictures there. I was the ping pong champion there. I kicked everyone’s butt. I still have my ID there that I still carry with me. I was in 16P. Never forget the great time we had there. I remember the times drinking at the oil well close to the end of the driveway. Boy what a long walk back drunk off my ass! I have tons of pics. Does anyone have a Southeastern site to post? Great times!!!

    • Hi Neil, I also graduated 12/13/96! Group 16-O. I also look back at that tiime as 4 great months. I think I remember you. I think I and a few other girls pushed you into the pool once. lol! And you were having a water fight one night. What great times! I still have remained in touch with a few friends from there but lost touch of many. You included. I have a ton of pictures from those days as well. The story what has happened to our old school is very sad! The pictures are disheartening. I too would love to reconnect with SEA classmates.

    • Neil, I used to let you beat me at Ping Pong at SEA. Do you remember me?

  45. Lori Degasperis

    I graduated from Southeastern Academy April 1990. Please let me know of anyone who went from that time period of 01/1990-4/1990. I was friends with Ralph Short, Kym Grise, Kim from South Philly, Diana (can’t remember your last name than). I found both Kym and Ralph on facebook. Anyone else out there please let me know. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a class reunion in 3 years will be 25 years later, oh my….

  46. Everybody remembers exact dates, I only know I went to SEA in summer (May – July?) and it was 1979 to 1981. I don’t remember names. One roommate thought he was the “Fonz”, name “Kevin” I think. Another roommate was from Ohio. I was not a party animal but I have great memories and learned a lot for life in regards to professional positions. One girl I really liked was from the Bronx. At graduation had a classmate that sang with guitar “Leaving on Jet Plane”, that song still reminds me of SEA. Anybody remember that graduation? When did I go to SEA?

  47. Hey Julie, I was there from 03/1994 to 6/1994, & yes… I also had Ms. Peace for tkt’g class. That’s way keel that after all this time, U still have contact with some of the best instructors that we had for that school. Do U still keep in touch with Mrs. Cook?? She always had something good to say, & I almost never saw her down or depressed-(except for when a couple of students set the financial aid office on fire for being denied the aid.) Mrs. Boske & Mrs. Mead were a cpoule of the others that I remember also.

  48. I graduated from Southeastern Academy May of 85″. It got me so interested in aviation I went ahead and got my A & P License and my B.S. in Aviation Maintenance Management. It was a very useful school.

    • I graduated in March of ’85 and have worked in travel on and off since then.

      • i don’t remember you but awesome to connect with someone from that great experience. Charles Heckman

  49. Wow am I glad I followed my gut feeling about that place and dropped out after attending my first class in January of 99. I flew down alone from Wisconsin and shortly after arriving met 3 others from Wisconsin. We all left within a week. The school was very unorganized, unprofessional, and just sketchy. The advisor ridiculed us for being homesick in a really degrading manner. When we arranged for travel back to Wisconsin we were immediately ecorted off campus with all our belongings and not given any sort of housing accomodations to await our departure that was to occur two days later. We pooled money together and had to get money wired from back home to afford a hotel and food for two days. It was a complete nightmare and the recruiter from Wisconsin could not be contacted by myself or my parents. Even at my tender age of 18, fresh to the adult world I could tell that something was not right with that school. The recruiter did a damn good job of making me want to go. Kudos!

    • Hello Dan,

      I went to Southeastern Academy July 6 to Aug.1981. I had a very good experience there, everyone was very nice. I am sorry that you felt that way about the school. I had no problems whatsoever. It’s too bad that you did not give the school and staff there a chance to learn about the travel industry. You should have stayed al least a week or so to give your self a chance to get used to the school and the wonderful teachers and make new friends.

  50. wow that really blows man…i gotta admit when I went in 1979 it seemed like the staff really did care about its students……i heard it got worse and worse ,especially in the late 90’s and early 2000’s………..

  51. I graduated from southeastern academy in 1993. I misplaced my diploma guess I’ll never be able to get it now that makes me sad. I had a wonderful summer there I was there until oct.. @julie I have mrs.peace but I had her for typing!! I had so much fun there sad to see it go down like this.

  52. Kendall Cummins

    Da Shonn I too went during that time frame
    It is truly sad to see it in that condition
    Always wanted to go back for a tour so much for that WOW

  53. wow, 1st I’d heard of the school’s closing. I guess I’m a bit behind the times. I attended in July of 1982 & have been in the travel industry ever since.

  54. So sad to see this demise of a great institution. I attended the first quarter of 81 in the 12 week program and made many friends that I still am in touch with today. Lots of great memories during those 12 weeks – certainly a time in my life I will never forget. :)

  55. I went to Southeastern the summer of 84, one of the best times I ever had after leaving High School. If anyone is out there who I was friends with would love to hear from you.

    • I was there in ’84… so hard to recall all of the names now, but had such a great time and have great memories.

    • I attended the 6 week class beginning at the end of June 1984. Lots of great memories and the best thing that came from SEA was meeting my wife, Cindie Feldberg. We married 6 years later and still going strong.

  56. It was sad to see what has happened to such a great place.

  57. So sad… :( I went to SEA from 8/95-12/95 and met some amazing people!! I sadly do not remember many names, but I have pictures that make me smile and remember the good time, unlike the picture shown here. My first and only cruise was taken while in school here! After I left I worked at American Eagle in Toledo, OH, then transferred to Indianapolis, IN, then Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX. I tried working for a corporate travel agency, but realized that I missed working at the airport way too much. I went back to DFW to work for Delta Air Lines, then fell victim to the 9/11 cuts. I still miss the hustle and bustle of the airport, but wouldn’t change a thing about my life. Thanks to SEA for giving me almost 9 years for fun in the travel & tourism industry! :)

  58. So sad about SEA! I did the most of the work through the mail and did the last 6 weeks hands on down there in FL. 1/83-2/83. It was a great time and lots and lots of homework! Did many, many years in corporate travel in Nashua NH. I would still be doing it but in the 90s everything was down sized and I lost my job then. Could have done the AAA and booked Disney World but by that time I was burt out of the travel game. But I am still glad I went to SEA !

    • Have any insight? I noticed we were there at the same time!

      I posted…
      Share your sentiment (Jan-Mar83). So sad to hear of the demise but have such fond memories of volleyball lunches and dollar hair braids. My first cruise was the one day “sea escape” to nowhere. SEA was the start of a long and good career for me. Worked for PI / US and made many friends along the way. Best to you all.
      –How in the world do we get our transcripts? If anyone knows, please contact me.

  59. Share your sentiment (Jan-Mar83). So sad to hear of the demise but have such fond memories of volleyball lunches and dollar hair braids. My first cruise was the one day “sea escape” to nowhere. SEA was the start of a long and good career for me. Worked for PI / US and made many friends along the way. Best to you all.
    –How in the world do we get our transcripts? If anyone knows, please contact me.

  60. I had just received my transcripts two weeks ago, by contacting the Florida Department of Education. There is an online form you have to print, fill out and then fax to them.

    From there, it took around 4 weeks for me to get the transcripts.

    Hope that helps!

  61. I attended from Oct. to Dec. of 1978. Great times! I never did get a job in the travel industry, short of being a bellhop for a few months after school, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I hope all you fellow grads are doing well and that your lives are full. Peace.

  62. I hate to see this, i was there in 1997 & after graduating i was a travel agent for 4 years & then went into the hotel business. now i am the revenue manager at a hotel in myrtle beach, sc – i owe it all to the education & professional development i learned at SEA! i also met some lifelong friends & have awesome memories. this truly hurts my heart to see that people could do this to my old school…its totally destroyed…:(

  63. That is so sad…:( I went to school there in 1987 and had a great experience..met wonderful people…i have wonderful memories, i’ll never forget…i got my first job in Midway thru this school before graduating…..it truly hurts to hear such things…

  64. Graduated Feb. 1988. Great experience and very saddened to see what has become of the school.

    • I graduated Feb. 1988 too. Worked in the travel industry for a year or so…I kinda miss it! I don’t remember much about classes or teachers, but we had a blast at HOJOs where we dormed!

  65. I just came across this website by accident. I attended SEA in the early 80’s. After graduation, I thought about my time there and of all the people I befriended. It was a very brief moment in time. As time went on I forgot all about SEA. now that I see what’s happened to the Academy, I feel very sad and bewildered that it’s in this current state. I look back through the pages of my memories and see a beautiful school and people. The trips to Disney, Epcot, Universal, Sea World, the towns and HoJo’s. In the short time I was there I met a girl and it all seemed like a fairy tale. To SEA, thank you for a great time, excellent memories and the best of friends. R.I.P.

  66. Wow! How sad!!! I graduated in ’88 with awesome memories of SEA. We need to start posting pictures of the fun times we had. Digging my pics out now :)

  67. Nathalie-I graduated in Feb. ’88 too! Good times at the HoJo!!

  68. Damien Prendergast

    I remember there was a Ms. Savchuk but most of it is a blur. I can only get a few stray names. I’m thinking there was a Patricia Cole (Tenn. I believe) Cindy Allwood (Florida girl if I am correct) I also remember and disappointed I lost contact with Lorraine Burke a fellow NYer from Hicksville. I’d be hard pressed to even guess the year.

  69. Not sure if this post correctly but I will get a Facebook page going so anyone can attempt to contact others from their group!

  70. I attended SEA along with a close friend of mine Edwin Rosario aka Eddie in 1991. We had a great time there and met allot of really nice people. I have many good memories of SEA and will never forget that place and my classmates. It is crazy how fast time goes by, i cant believe how many years have gone by since we were there. Many years after i was there i would have dreams that I was still there or that I went back and was partying with classmates lol. Will Delgado -Massachuetts

  71. Wow, so sad to see these pictures now of SEA. I graduated December 1987. It was a great experience at school then I moved back to Tennessee and started work in Nashville in February 1988. Stayed in the travel industry until 9/11. Would like to chat with some friends I made while there, like Cynthia Foreman from Pittsburgh, PA and Kristine Mallet who at one time was Ms. Gibbstown, NJ. There are others also but too many to mention. I do have to give great thanks to our PD instructor Mrs. Guyer, from the Boston area, who was able to take a shy boy from TN and enable him to speak publicly, handle interviews, and improve other interpersonal skills in order to be as successful as I was while in the travel industry. Thank you Mrs. Guyer. I can still hear your accent when I think of you speaking, even now.

  72. Hello all, I attended SEA during the months of May-Aug of 1998. If any classmates see my posting, email me at cshz1978@aol.com
    It would be great to catch up with some old friends. I remember my roommates, Kevin and James. We had some crazy/fun times. Talk to you soon…

  73. I went to SEA in 1984. I met so many wonderful people that I have lost touch with over the years. I was from Salem, OH and was 19 at the time. I was enrolled with Stu and Kim that I have kept in touch with but remember Hollywood, Poppy, Guy (from the Cleveland Area), and so many more! This really saddens me cuz I often thought it would be fun to go down for a reunion!

  74. Wow!…I was there in August of 1980…fresh out of high school..I learned a lot and even worked in the field for a while. So sad at what happen to the school..thank God for memories.

  75. I attended SEA in 97/98 Oct to Jan. It was definetly a fun 4 months…the cruise was crazy I’ll never forget haha. Anyways, I always wondered where everyone was and back then it wasnt as easy to stay connected with people.

  76. These pictures make me so sad. I had a great time in 1984-85.

  77. I attended last quarter 1982 and graduated December 1982. Really sad to see the state the school is in. Had no idea. Fond memories Rosie O Grady’s HoJo’s Disney World etc. Took me until 1985 to finally get a job as travel agent and been in the industry ever since.

  78. My sister attended in 1978 till ? and she had a blast.

  79. I graduated from SEA in Dec1985. I had the best time of my life. I met so many friends…Kipp and Nancy etc. It was a lot of work but it was worth it.

  80. Eric "BATMAN " Riley

    Man,Man,Man, Man,Man, That was my school ! I had a great time there .The people i met are undoubtedly the best people i met in my life .what a great memory !

  81. Eric "BATMAN " Riley

    I graduated in April 21 1989!

  82. Heather Novotny (Cully)

    I attended in the fall of 1992, so bummed to see this! Was looking up SEA as we are heading to FL this December, and I wanted to bring my kids by where I went to school. Shocked to see this, very sad!

    • I am looking for friends from the Fall Class of 1992. My name is Ada Colon.

      • HI ADA,

      • Ada!!!
        Heather and I (Marsha) went to school from Maine….
        Then Heather lived in NJ and met up with you.
        We can’t find you on fb! You know how many Ada Colons there are!

  83. I went the the Academy in 1984 those were the good old days back when America shined. Im very saddened to see how the school looks now at least we all have our memories. Kalyn Housdan

  84. I went there in 82. Ive got great memories, some of the best of my early years going to southeastern. Whata shame to see it in such a state. Remember the path and hojos. Remeber going to class. All the great times.

  85. I attended in April of 1982. It was a correspondence school with 6 weeks of class in FL
    I too have a lot of great memories from here, its a shame to see it like this.
    I owe a lot to this school for guiding me to where I am now

  86. With havin so much content and articles do you ever run into any issues
    of plagorism or copyright infringement? My blog has a lot of exclusive content I’ve either authored myself or outsourced but it looks like a lot of it is popping it up all over the internet without my permission. Do you know any solutions to help prevent content from being stolen? I’d truly appreciate it.

    • I haven’t had any issues as of yet. Whenever a newspaper or website mentions an article, they give us credit which is really appreciated. There was one person who was passing off a paragraph from HM-95 and I just sent him an email with a warning and he didn’t make a fuss, just credited us with the information.

  87. What I should of said was my early years of my life. I went to a six week class too. Wonder what ever happened to my room mates Bruce tracy, and Jeff young. Also there was a girl named Betty I hung out with wonder where shes at. I think one of my teachers name was mrs. Sand or Stone was a ticketing teacher in 1982.

  88. I did the home study course and then attended the 6 week campus training way back in, yeah I’m now an old man, 1977. I just happened to be there in August 1977 when Elvis died. I met a lot of very nice people, some very funny people, and some very attractive girls (Lisa, Karen and Sue to name a few). Didn’t stay in contact with any – obviously didn’t have all the social media we do now. I did work as a travel agent for about 2 years and tried to get into the airlines but could never get in. I did get an interview with the old Republic Airlines but the was the extent of my airline/travel industry employment. Any old timers out there, it would be cool to hear from you. It was a nice place to learn about an exciting industry.

  89. i graduated august 84. i have a class picture of my group and a program of all the groups that graduated that day. i cant believe i actually found those things.

    • Joe, I too graduated in August, 1984. I KNOW I have all that info SOMEWHERE, it’s just finding it is another story. I’m sure we knew each other or knew OF each other. Great times, huh. Remember “Mom and Pop”…they were so cute !

  90. Joe R: My name is Bill McCall not sure what group I was in. I was there the summer of 84 also. Would love if you had any info on that time. I had a wonderful time there and think about SEA all the time. Thanks.

    • I was looking at the graduation program and couldnt find your name.

    • let me check out the graduation program for your name. i wish i could remember some of our teachers names and what happended to them. talk soon…

  91. yep I remember many nites stumbling back on the old trail from HoJo’s back to room 260…….march 1979 yep those were the days with America shined!!!!!

  92. Graduated November 1985. Had the best time an 18 year old girl could possibly have at this school. This totally saddens me to see this place now. This school and the instructors were awesome. I worked for a couple different travel agencies in Las Vegas NV. My “dream” job though was to be an airline stewardess. That didn’t happen and I ended up working as a secretary and I am still a secretary. I must say though I received most of my excellent customer service skills at SEA. Funny, I still know most of the airport codes…lol

  93. I graduated in 1996,I think sometime june through august – all I remember is it was hot out when I attended. I would like to hear from anyone that may remember me. I had great times and great friends, I would love to hear from candy from Illinois, or the women and Her son I took to bush gardens in tampa. I was working in the travel industry for a little while, but where I live there was not much vailable, so I went into automotive for 18 years, and now I am a truck driver.

  94. alicia…what is or was your last name….i would like to check the graduation program i have from august of 84.,

  95. I was preparing a Resume and looked up SEA for the address. Sad to see how
    it turned out. My life was enriched tho. I meet my wife there which resulted in the
    great two great kids. They are 24 & 21. Class of 1986. Catch me on facebook

  96. WOW!!!!! I graduated April 1988 and still have a photo album of the fun. I too am heart broken to see this. Just moved to Galveston and want back in travel and mentioned it interview last week and decided to look it up. So sad. Im giong to my albums now to see if I have good ones to post on facebook page. Wow I still tripping
    God Bless you all and great luck with job search and life.

  97. Anyone around (or alive) from graduation December 1975. School was still in Orlando at the time and we all lived six to an apartment a few miles north. Some had cars and others rode a school bus to and from “school” everyday. Very little studying and a lot of partying (Old Milwaukee @ 99 cents a six pack – Skaggs/Albertsons in front of the apartments).

  98. Wow, It sadens me to see what has become of SEA…. I graduated from the six week program in February 1982. I have the most fondest memories of that time that still warms my heart and soul! I miss the good friends, good times and teachers. I’d love to find out what has become of my classmates! If there are any out there please feel free to contact me!

  99. Hi – Summer of 1996 here. Are any of the instructors here? Venice Boskey, Linda Cooke, Ann Sand?

  100. Looking for all students who attended the class of march-june of 1989, had a great time and met some great people who I would like to re-connect with..

  101. Went there today (my first urb/ex) to take photos and it’s chaotic. Didn’t linger long since I was by myself. Hope to return before it gets demolished.

  102. I was there in 1987, in the summer. I just remember it being a great time and met a lot of nice people. I am sad to see how that whole area has gotten. We were just there this past week and I went down 192 and wow………what an eyesore! That used to be the place! I did not go far enough to see the old school. Will have to try again.

  103. ROBERT 9culinary/student lounge)

    went there in 98-99 in culinary,and also ran the student lounge,then the kitchen for a while.

  104. Jo Ann Herdt Bolish

    I graduated in Summer of 1986. I loved it and it got me away from Pittsburgh PA. Shelly, Rob and another blonde haired bulky guy were Student assistants in Mom and Pops room. I spent some time with mom and pop. Rob tried to get pictures of lightening storms with his camera.We had a teacher Mrs. Lindsay that was pregnant we had a shower for her. I roomed with a gal from Idaho and another girl from Pittsburgh Kelly Melinski. I studied with Don and he had a roommate from NY a short blond headed guy can not think of the name. I looked for a job in the travel field when I got home no takers. I started at PNC Bank and have been there now 26 years. RIP SEA. If anyone recognizes this info. email me billandjoannbolish@hotmail.com

  105. I also attended SEA and graduated in July 1980. I’ve gone to Kiss, FL several times and I thought I was disappointed to find the school was washed up and gone. Someone got away with poor management and a lot of money in their pockets. If any one have pictures from that summer, please post your pictures. I do have my diploma for what it’s worth.

  106. Hi Kara,
    i dont know which group you were in but i didnt hang with everyone in my class anyway. we had such good times and the school actually found me the job i am in today, 25 years later…lol….i hope to get in touch with other classmates…talk soon

  107. Soooo long ago and sad to say cant even remember when I attended. If I had to guess it was probably summer 1982 and most likely the 6 week gig. For the longest time I held onto the big binders chalked full of travel industry material but after moving them a few times hubby finally convinced me to toss them. Don’t even know if I have my certificate. My name when I attended was Laura Wuertz. Cant remember when I attended but I can remember a few random names (go figure)….Kim Bussey (gave our class speech & in touch for a while but since lost touch), Walter Gorral, Todd Deiterding, Shelly ?, Craig ? and Desiree ? Think Desiree might have been from Michigan.
    If these names ring a bell with anyone please let me know. Please post pics of any/all 1982 classes.
    I can say I’ve been in the travel industry in some shape or form since my SEA days. Its definitely in my blood!
    First job was with a travel agency. Currently work as a flight attendant with Southwest Airlines. LUVin it!

    • Jeanette Birdy Gates (Halbert)

      Aug. 1982-graduated the six week class. Room 214 with my roommates Pat and Patrice, my nic name is Birdy. Still have my class photo somewhere. Wonder if I knew you.

  108. Damien Prendergast

    I was even before that. I believe March or April of 1980. Stunning to look at the pics from back then, the hairstyles and everything else. A world longgggggggggg ago!

  109. Aug 1980, wish it was still standing!

  110. Attended in Summer of 1990. Had the best time, great memories. Wish I had kept in touch with everyone that I met. Some of the greatest people!! Sad to see it in this shape.

  111. I attended SEA the beginning of 1984. Absolutely had a blast while learning. I was hired with Eastern Metro Express Airlines here in Atlanta right out of school. It’s terrible to see what has become of the school. Will always have fond memories of my time there.

    • Was also a student there… Stevie P, Shalom, Bob my fellow Chicago Bears Fan, Scott Carpenter, Cinnamon Miller, Lori my other roommate, Edgar Nellums, and Christina the wild Italian!!!! Not sure if any of you remember me Amy Nelson from Minnesota?!?!? Would love to reconnect!!!!

  112. Karen Bellis Koch

    I attended SEA from May – June 22, 1984. A couple of my friends had previously attend SEA. I had always wanted to work in the travel industry to I decided to request information as well….but before I could get that information, a SEA Representative had to come to my home and check me out. Does any one else remember this? All the questions….How tall are you? How much do you weigh? Do you have any scars on your face or hands? I was told to dress up for the interview or the representative would turn right around and leave. Really? The representative made it sound like he wasn’t sure what the “panel of judges” would say but if I really wanted to get in…..I would need to pay $500 at that time just to be considered. When I got down to SEA, I expected there to be all of these “perfect, skinny, flawless people!” That was not the case! People of all shapes and sizes and piercings, you name it! The one thing we all had in common is that SEA got our $$$. However; I did meet some very nice people while I was there. My roommates were Wendy & Debbie, whom I’ve lost touch with. I did end up working in the travel industry: At first in a Hotel, then a Travel Agency. Left there to work at Piedmont Airlines and then they were bought out by USAir. The only reason I left my job with USAir was because they discontinued jet service in my hometown. The one thing I will say though…..I’m not really sure that attending SEA helped get me any of the travel industry jobs I had, but the experience was fun….one I will never forget. Reading and seeing the pictures of SEA makes me sad.

    • Karen. Hey it’s Bill McCall we hung out went to Daytona fell asleep. You sent me a photo of you Jeff and your baby years ago. My email is bmccall529@earthlink.net. Would love to hear from you. Hope all is well. Still on Michigan. Kalamazoo?

  113. I had graduated from Southeastern Academy in January 1978. We had a good time there especially on the weekends. I really enjoyed going to school there.

    • Hey Glen you graduated in January 1978, I graduated December 1977. Did you start the class in September 1977? I may know you.

  114. Shirley Santos-Forden

    I attended Southeaster Academy back in 1976. It was a great experience. We enjoyed the weekends.

    • I also graduated in May 1976. Did the 1/2 home study and 1/2 at SEA. Lived 6 to a room at an apt complex a few miles from school. Had the best time of my life. I remember hanging out at the ABC Lounge. Drinking age was 18 back then. I’m still a travel agent

  115. Hello all, I have never attended this school, but I have some questions about it. What type of curriculum did they teach exactly? Also, the buildings that kind of look like hotel wings, what are those? (I’m talking about the buildings pictured in the first pic on this page). I am curious as to what things were like when this place was still in business.

    • Chris, it was an old Ramada Inn. They taught Travel and Tourism back in the 80’s. The curriculum was what any travel and tourism programs teach, but it was in sunny Florida and you got to live on campus. We had a den mother and father and they made sure we were good kids. The rooms were dorm like, but nicer, we had a pool we swam in every day, and meals every day. The saddest day was when I graduated. I would have loved to stay and work there.

  116. Hi everyone, I graduated in the spring of 1984. Have wonderful memories of great times at SEA. Worked in the industry for 7 years before leaving to raise a tribe of kids. Was lucky to work in Chicago, with the many opportunities. Would anyone be interested in an all class reunion back in the Kissimmee/Orlando area. It might provide some good networking opportunities. Most everyone in previous posts have expressed fairly positive experiences.

    • I graduated in August of 86. Had many great times and met some very special people. I would be up for a all class reunion back in town. I wish I would have kept in contact with many of you great people. Miss everyone and the experiences we all shared. If any classmates recognize me shoot me a message.
      Scott from Wisconsin that roomed with Dan from Illinois. Hung out with Brian Sealy(from Cleveland I think) Michelle from Ohio, Haley, Bruno, and many more.

  117. We should have a reunion around the Kissimmee/Orlando area. It seems that everyone that went there had a good time especially on the weekends. I had graduated in January 1979. My name is Glen Kunkle and my wife and I are now living in Port Saint Lucie, FL.

  118. I’d love to see my old classmates! I graduated in 1982.

  119. I was there in Apr – Jun 1979 and have been in the airline biz ever since!

  120. I’m a former graduate (i think 1983…can’t recall). Love the school. 6-8 week program there. Was recruited by Pilgrim Airlines right on campus. Was great. Room mate was Joe Mittola..I think. Sad to see what has become of it.

    • I was there for the 6 week program in the summer or fall of 1983. Anyone remember HoJo’s? That was our hang out on weekends. The shool was such a memorable experience. I have stayed in the travel industry for all but 4 years of my career. I moved into I.T. but always working in the Travel. I remember a Joe at school, looked a little like Al Pacino. My roomates were from the midwest and my other roomate was from Myrtle Beach. That school was a great experience, I would welcome a reunion in Florida.

      • I also graduated in 84. I remember everyone as wonderful. I did not stay in the Travel industry. I moved on to HR. Seems like forever ago. Very sad to see what happened to campus.

  121. Seems like an interesting place..

  122. I am a former graduate from 1986. The school was great and I loved living on campus. The rooms were great, the parties were awesome and lived with 2 awesome roommates, Agatha and Claudia. To this day I still think about my time here. I remember swimming at the pool, and going on trips like Disney World and Epcot. So sad to see what it has become.

  123. May ’81 here. The deterioration of the school makes that feel even more like a million years ago than it already did. I was directed here by someone in a facebook group that’s dedicated to SEA. We have more than 1,000 members and there are tons of photos and memories shared there. Please join us if you’re on facebook! Just follow this link, request to join, and I or one of the other admins will add you. https://www.facebook.com/groups/28093388713/

  124. Amarilis Garcia Lugo

    I was there until they put me on “externship” they had to make my school year longer than everyone elses because the loan they got me. I was young and nieve.
    Class of 2000-2001. I never heard from them ever again. Never got a certificate. It was a sad time for me. I never went into the travel field.
    Anyone else go thru this in or around my class years?

  125. i attended jan – march 1990 what a blast we had!! poolside room, jason condon and hugh something were my roomates.. tracy dopirak and karen linderholm were our party buddies!!

  126. melissa rodriguez from chicago was a very fond memory for me!!!!

  127. Cheri O'Brien-Moore

    I graduated in March of 92, great times but I need to find out if any of the credits can still be transfered to another university. I still keep in touch with a handful of classmates but would love to hear from anyone else during that time.

  128. Had fun times at SEA. Attended 12 week program Jan -Mar 1982 Only remember a few people Joe Meade? from Quincy, MA…Ed Hoffa? from Lancaster, Pa, Brad ? from Indiana and the most of all Lori Vanover? from Anderson, IN. Sorry to hear of how it is all run down

  129. Jan-Mar 1990. Good times, not in the travel industry any longer, but still amaze people that dont know my past with my knowledge of airport codes. My favorite subject.

  130. Looking to connect with some great friends I met in 1978. Would love to hear from you.

  131. My name is Glen Kunkle. I went to Southeastern Academy in January 1978 for 4 weeks. I can remember all the parties we had on the weekends.

  132. There is a facebook page for SEA alumni. Check it out, maybe you can connect with classmates their, I did. So sad to see pictures of the school like this. There are pictures that people have posted of happier times on the facebook page.

  133. I graduated Oct 2000. This school was an amazing experience for me but I haven’t been able to find anyone who graduated with me. Apparently that is a common problem. Very saddened to see all the abandoned and vandalized pictures.

  134. was there jan. 1989 anyone remember me ????

  135. I still have the Graduation Exercises that shows all the names of graduates in my class and I am trying to locate them via Facebook or other social media. Otherwise it has been hard trying to locate some of my classmates. Hopefully with time more will end up on this web site and connect.

  136. I graduated in February 1988. had a great time. My room mates were Kate and Katie. One from New York the other from Chicago and I was small town farm girl from cental Illinois. What a trio we made! Had a great time and kept in touch with a few of the people I met there for a few years but as life got busy fell out of touch. Shame, because they all seemed like such nice people.

  137. Went to SEA in winter- spring of 1987 had a great experience. I do remember the $500 check out at my house prior to sign up. Had two cool roommates Ken and Trevor. Hope you guys are doing well out there? Hate to hear about what happen to the place. Looking for some old pictures now to maybe post up later.

  138. I was there Sept-Nov 1986 1/2 home study and 1/2 SEA. My one roommate was Cindy from NY State and my other roommate was from Iowa.

  139. Hello there fellow SEA students I am from the clase Sept-Dec 1977. It was a great experience. When I was in Florida in August I went looking for the School but I see it is no longer there. Wooo Wooo Wooo. :(. How sad. I am looking for my home boy Guy from Oceanside New York. Hope all is going welll for all.

    • You were in the class directly behind mine, I was there from July-Sept. I agree, it’s very sad to see such a beautiful school in shambles. Had an awesome time there and met some great people. I’m very proud to have gone there and had such a great experience.

  140. I went to Southeastern Academy for the four weeks in January 1978.

  141. hello S.E.A. ALUMI
    I’m Ida Galarza of Chicago IL
    I was there Jan- Mar/April 1984 – I did the 1/2 home study and 1/2 SEA
    don’t have any names right now to do shout-out’s at this time.
    but I remember all the good weekend outgoing…would like to connect & catch up
    I know a few of us after graduating ended up at American Airlines/American Eagle at Ohare- but then time has gone by….Keep in Touch

    • Are you the one we called “Edi” and you roomed with a girl named Dorothy? If it’s you I remember you are short and wore your hair in a short style and you and Dorothy were a blast!!! I was Pam Reed back then and I am from Tennessee. Yes, still here but I was skinny back then, about 5’6″ with shoulder-length, sandy-blonde hair and I roomed with a girl named Kim from Ohio and a girl named Tina from Florida. I was sooo homesick (for my boyfriend who 10 years later I married) but we had alot of fun, especially going out to the dance clubs and bars and we were underage. I think I was 18 at the time and the legal age to get in was 21. All the older girls would loan us their IDs and it worked! I’ve got some picts of you and Dorothy. I hope you’re the one I’m thinking of; otherwise you’ll think I’m crazy. Anyway, post again when you get a chance and let me know so we can catch up! Take Care!

  142. Graduated February 1981 in the 6 week program. Roommates were Teresa Brown from Alabama and Barb from Ohio. It was an experience! Worked for a short time at the Waterloo, Iowa Airport. Now at the Grinnell College in the Office of Student Financial Aid.

  143. i went there in the 1st resident class in 1975 yikessssssss they set us up in an aprtment complex–bad move lol

  144. Kim (Sheldon) Nigh

    went the summer of 1983 would love to hear from classmates on facebook

  145. I went to SEA in 1991… cant believe the way this place looks in these pics, So sad.. had a great time at SEA!

  146. Went to SEA in the summer of 1991, work for the school that fall as a off campus assistant, my room mate was Tony Scarangella, witch we keep touch.
    phone 231-670-7873

  147. Oct to Dec of 1989 Boys From 201??? Stan, Larry Great times anyone out their?

  148. omgggggg sad to see wht has happened to the school.. i ws there july-oct 99…. where’s my classmates???

  149. Siobhan Casey Jordan

    I went there from June 1986 to Sept 1986. Had such great times there! Would love to hear from members of that class period.

  150. Samantha LaRock Jackson

    I was at SEA Sep. 92. I had a great time. so sad it see it now.

    • Hi. My name is John catanzaro and I went to this school in 1979 and graduated in December of 1979. My roommates were already and Michael Harris if anyone remembers me please contact me back Thanks

      • My roommates were Eddie and Mike Harris. I hung out with Carol and Tracy and Jeannie. I lost contact with everyone. If you remember me email me at johnnylivesmart360 at gmail. I was in a 12 week class in late 1979.. Hope to hear from one of my friends….

      • Johnny never new you went to Southeastern? I was there in 1979 also although in August. Small world see you at FFL Draft.

  151. I attended SEA 1991. It was a time I will always remember. Made so many friends and had the time of my life. I have Pictures of the way it was back then. So sorry to hear and see it is now gone. RIP SEA.

  152. So sad to see what has become of SEA. My memory is not as good as it used to be. I did the 1/2 home study and 1/2 at SEA from Jan to Feb or Mar 1980. I also remember the home interview before being accepted. Sadly, I never worked in the industry, I made the decision to join the USAF in 1981 and did 20 years. If anyone remembers me, you can find me on FB (michael.williams.1447@facebook.com)

  153. I graduated SEA February 1986 and truly had the best time of my life. Roommate Ken Nalls from Baltimore was the best guy to room with! Awesome memories and pics that cant be taken away by the destruction shown. I kept in contact with many for some time only to lose contact years later. I actually moved from Green Bay WI to Kissimmee following graduation – worked throughout the travel industry but never landed that airline job. Returning to school now 28 years later hoping to transfer credits. Hmmm. Wish a reunion was possible.

  154. ***NEWS*** Planning a Southeastern Academy Reunion- summer 2014! Please choose a date that’s best for you. Most votes will be reunion date. More info to follow. Thank you.

    • I was at SEA the summer of 1980. I now live in Orlando but can not recall where it was located. Any ideas??

      • Get off the turnpike, turn left , go down the road and it was on the left. I lived in Kissimmee for a while after graduating in 1983. I moved back to PA a little later. Big mistake. I can’t get back out! Lol

    • I’m in California, but if you could do some kind of online streaming like Skype for those of us who probably can’t attend, PLEASE let us know how to join in!!!! XOXOXOXO

  155. Choose dates: July 11-13 OR August 8-10. Thank you.

  156. I graduated in August of 1983. My name was Annette Roark then (from IN…Chicago area)
    I had 2 roommates: Carol Hochella from Allentown PA, and Theresa Desnoyer from Millington, TN.
    We had a great time while at SEA. …especially on the weekends. Trips to Daytona, a big nightclub in Orlando on Orange Blossom Trail (can’t remember the name of it) and of course, HoJo’s. Drinking age was 18 then and we took full advantage of it.
    I remember a few people from our class…Brian, from IN (he had a big crush on Theresa) Jeff Hammer (Carol’s boyfriend), Marcus from MI and Armando Martinez from Chicago.
    I think of SEA often and fondly. It was because of SEA that I got hired at TWA right out of school. After leaving TWA, I worked in hotels for years and all Around the country.
    Ahhhhh…those were the days.

    • I remember those nights at HoJo’s! I was SEA in 83! Renee Hollenbeck. I roomed with Randi O. from Michigan.

      • Was there too in 1983, HOJOs kept my roomate from graduating, too much partying, woulnt listen. Had fun, too bad the market wasnt as good as the auto industry was in metro Detroit at the tym. Never secured a job in travel that would out do auto. Martin Fedyna.

    • Had alot of fun there, 1983, always playn tennis outside dorm room, went to Busch gardens with three blondes, just friends, but sure drew envy from the fellas,lol.

  157. Sandi…was your last name Hardock?..I was there in jan/feb 1984 for 6 weeks, My name is Steve Sullivan, roomed with Joe from Pittsburgh and robert lee from Ga.??…hung out with Gary Haney and Ron Pinkalm…Diane Ivers from Cincy….Ho Jo’s was the bomb baaack then!!

    • Steve I don’t remember you but my name then was Joe Clark and im from MA. I remember some names of class mates T.J. Brancazio and a female name Rhonda From Lakland FL. I would love to connect with you all. Had a great time there and a lot of memories.

  158. Any date during the summer currently works for me!

  159. We are working on a reunion in summer 2014. More info to follow. Check our FB page.

  160. I’m Jane, working with a couple friends who attended SEA in the late 80’s to get a reunion together. VERY IMPORTANT that everyone who reads this chooses a date that’s good for them: July 11-13 OR Aug 8-10, 2014.

  161. Either would work for me!

  162. where can u get transcripts from SEA?

  163. I was there in 1987 it waw a great school sad it ended that way.

  164. I worked at Southern College/SEA in the 80’s and went to school there. Anyone know how I can get employment/education verified for a job I’m applying to? This is sad to see/read and also frustrating. Thanks

  165. Southeastern Academy Reunion Saturday July 12, 2014 in Kissimmee! Go to FaceBook reunion page for details. HURRY- Monies MUST be received BY May 1, 2014

  166. Does anybody know who the current owners are?

    • According to the county records the owner of this property is Academy Lux Inc. a for profit corporation in Boca Raton, FL.

  167. I graduated from SEA in 1978. Started out as a General Manager of a Cargo Airline after graduation and went on into the Import / Export industry ( Freight Forwarding ) field and have been doing it ever since. Had an exciting time there, met alot of good people. Looking to hook up with people that graduated in that time. Sad to hear the school doesn’t exsit anymore, it helped me alot with my career.

  168. I graduated there in March of 1984. Any idea how you would get your transcripts?

  169. Hi All,
    I am so glad I found this site on SEA. I too really need transcripts to prove I was a student there. Anyone have any luck?
    Very, very sad to hear what happened to SEA. I was recently in Orlando and wondered where the school was located and if it was still standing.
    I attended in 1984 from September to December. Roommates were Debbi Johnson and Sara – can’t recall last name but both were awesome roommates from the midwest region. I also had a very good friend, Lynda Ford from New York. Sadly, I lost tough with all of them over the years. Lynda had roommate named Bambi. Great times at SEA and made some super friends in the short time we were there.
    Would love to attend a reunion…..
    My best to all of you,

    Lori (Staub) Dempsey
    formerly from Pennsylvania
    now living in Indiana

  170. I’m trying to help a friend find the resource(s) to obtain her transcript for her new job. She finished in 1991. Any information on how the transcript can be obtained?

  171. I attended from August to October 1991, I would love to reconnect with old friends. Hung out with a ton of people, Ogre, Sam, Missy, Piggy, Tom. I look at the old pictures I have an am heartbroken by the way it looks now.

  172. Does anybody knows who sale this building?

  173. I stopped by SEA today to check out the campus. Unfortunately, the classrooms were set on fire and nearly everything has been destroyed. It’s sad to think that people would destroy a building for fun. It looks like you guys really loved this place.

    Abandoned Building Hunter

  174. im maria flores i attended in 1990

  175. jennifer martinez

    june 1991
    so sad to see it like this….
    that school was so much fun!
    winter park
    coco beach
    daytona beach on the weekends
    adventures on the weekends
    where is tracy stephaine al cory chris norma jean miss
    you guys

  176. I graduated Dec of 1997.

  177. Hi – class 16B in the summer of 1996 I believe it was. Mike Vanderbilt mike.vanderbilt@ahss.org

  178. I attended from Feb-March 1986…I think those were the dates, met a lot of great people and had fun times at HoJo’s…I think too much partying!!! So sad to see what has happened. I am friends with only one fro
    m SEA on FB..haven’t been able to find any others.

  179. Graduated SEA Sept. 20, 1990 and have been in travel ever since! I remember the first home interview to get into that school, all the great times had there and the sadness we all felt leaving after graduation. Such a shame it was destroyed like this. Glad I kept in touch with a few friends over all these years and thanks to FB for finding even more. Met good people, had great times, made lifetime memories. Hope you did too. Hugs, Rainey

  180. I was there 1/93 -3/93. So sad! I have great memories from there.

    • it’s October 30th 2014 and I’m involved with demolition of the school buildings. it looks like it was a nice school at one time however if you’ve seen the pictures you know that it’s a shame

      • Steve, what do you mean? Is there active demo going on now? Or about to happen? Please inform us. Thank you.

        • I went there last night. Most of it is gone. There’s about half a building remaining.

  181. This property was taken over by 5th/3rd bank 11/05/13.

  182. I went to this location last night. It sucks to say that they have began to demolish the school. There was only about half a building remaining.

  183. Does anyone know if I can get my diploma reissued from this school. I attended in 1983 and lost all my paper work in Hurricane Katrina. Please Help

  184. So glad that Southeastern Academy was loved by so many people. I was one of the teachers there (Mrs Webster) and I loved my time there as well. Bless all of you.

  185. Please join our facebook group – we have more than 1,300 former students and staff sharing memories and photos: https://www.facebook.com/groups/28093388713/ Hope to see you there!

  186. I went to the school and have great memories… I think it was in 1982. I remember Barbara, Pam, Jeannie and Karen those girls from New York they that place so fun.

  187. I attended in 1994 i think, best 6 grand i ever spent ?-chris wren from Fayetteville NC.

  188. I was a student

  189. I was a student there. I never revived my transcript can anyone help. Martin Vincent 1998.

  190. Ginger Christine Cheek

    I attended in April 83 – May 83, 6 week class. One of my roommates was
    Becky from Ohio, I don’t remember who my other roommate was. Really hate
    to see this place destroyed. Would love to get in touch with other people from my class.

    Ginger Christine Cheek
    Lexington, Tennessee

  191. I attended in 1989—great experience. so sad about this school…
    any idea how to get a transcript?

  192. I was there in 1982 can we still get transcripts

  193. Donna Doan (Long)

    Yes, does anyone know about transcripts – I am returning to college after all these years, not sure if anything will transfer, but hoping. I was there in 84

  194. I was there on 1987. Still have my class photo. Extremely sad. Judy was a greaterrible teacher as were them all.. If anyone recognizes my name, please get in touch through Facebook.

  195. I studied at SEA in 96 great teachers and staff and made many friends there the great memories talking around the pool a lot of hot guys. It saddens me what happen to that school I never got my reburishment from the school myself and other student complained about not getting there money from the school. I had great teach Mrs altaimore and pat taking there time to teach us the codes of the airports and much more. Haven’t seen shorty wAshington brandy Shelby Eric Carla Christi Christine kim mo Fernando Connie and brandy

  196. I attended SEA in 1986 and lost all my information including my diploma. Is anyone aware how I could obtain my transcripts or a copy of my diploma?

  197. SEA was a great experience for me, I graduated in July 1990, I was the skinny Mexican girl from Houston, Texas…Had a lot of good memories, I had the red LeBaron. After graduation, I got a job at Continental Airlines in Houston. Would love to catch up with anyone who graduated at that time.

  198. I attended school in 1986. Looking for anyone who graduated in August of 1986 that would remember me. I hung out with Brian Sealy from Ohio. There was also Michelle, Bruno, Leslie, Dan (my roommate), and many others we did activities with. One of the fun excursions we did was going on a 1 day cruise aboard the Sea excape boat in the ocean. In addition There were also those trips to Daytona beach in Brian’s packed Ford Mustang. we packed in about 9 or 10 of us for the ride to the beach.
    Let me know if there is anyone who remembers the class of 1986
    Scott (from Wisconsin)

  199. I attended SEA April to July of ’97. Such great memories and seems as if most that attended had long lasting fond memories as well. I worked for American Airlines doing ground traffic control for a couple of years bc of this school. If you were in my class, feel free to reach out. angelagavin99@gmail

    Very sad to see the pictures knowing it’s no longer there.


  201. I went to that school in 96 I ve a lot of nice people the house parents were nice other students who came ever month were hypocrites most of them.nice school it went bankrupt in 2001

  202. So sad. I attended this school in 1988. I met lots of great students, and the instructors were wonderful. I have been working in the Travel Industry since then. Had may great jobs as a result of attending SEA, such as American Express, Carlson Travel, United Airlines, Ultrair, Oaks Travel and Montage Hotels.

  203. I went to that school in 96 from ny I had a lot of great memories nice people and nice teachers. I use staying travel and tourism and went to cooking school at SEA in 96 I been looking fror Christine Rodriguez from Stamford CT last time I remember she was living with her grandmother in springhill Florida I can’t find her on facebook