Built in 1972, Parkway West Regional Medical Center officially opened in 1974 with 11 stories, 127 rooms and enough beds to accommodate over 300 patients. It remained operational until finally closing in 2002. The property was bought in 2004 for $4.2 million by Jacob Sopher, President of Ace Parking Management.

In 2009, a group of local businessmen had plans to renovate the deteriorating hospital into an assisted living facility. It was to be named Diamond Pointe and would’ve have 150-rooms and 50 to 100 employees. The $22 million project never came to fruition.

As Parkway West has deteriorated over the years, it’s attracted taggers, scrappers, and urban explorers. The walls are covered in crude graffiti, large pieces of metal hang from the ceiling as ceiling tiles litter the floors on every level and the smell of mold is everywhere. Police have nabbed trespassers and liens have mounted to nearly $2 million is code violations. The mayor has stated that in November 2010 that it was apparent how bad the building had gotten.

The new owner, BSD of Miami Gardens, has begun planning to resurrect the building. Trustee Yaniz Nakash said the company will gut the building and then build commercial and residential units. Plans fell through though as the property was facing foreclosure in January 2015.

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