Osowaw Junction | Photo © 2011 Bullet, www.abandonedfl.com

In 1914 a train station was established here, several miles north of Fort Drum along the Kissimmee Valley Extension of the Florida East Coast Railroad. It was given the name Osowaw, a Seminole Indian word meaning “bird”. It was a citrus town, with many orange and tangerine groves. It had a steady and growing population due to the railroad, including by 1921 it’s own public school. The end came about when the rail line was abandoned. Most of the residents left the area, and Osowaw Junction went back to citrus groves and scattered farms.

The farm house collapsed in 2011 due to strong winds as a cold front was moving through Florida.


  1. nice pics..i had a chance to see these a couple of years ago before it collapsed. talk about a sketchy place! felt like it was going to fall with us in it.

    • when we went, the house was clearly tilted. The stairs, the walls, the floors were all tilted slightly, especially in one of the corners.