Nike Missile IFC Site HM-95, D Battery


A satellite view of the facility taken during it’s operation.

Built in 1965 by the U.S. Army in response to the Cuban Missile Crisis. This Nike site, like many others, was split into two locations. One was the Launcher area (L), where the missiles were actually located. The Launcher area was located where is now Krome INS Facility. The other location was the radar communications and control facility (IFC), where they did targeting and fire control.

All the Nike missile sites in South Florida were decommissioned in the mid-1979 after it was decided that they offered nothing to the security of the nation.

Photo by Bullet, 2014

Photo Credit: Bullet, 2009 – The walls of the buildings are covered in graffiti paint while the floors are covered in muddy paint from used paint balls.

In 1985, the IFC location was reused as a CIA Office of Communications, Regional Relay Facility, high frequency radio transmitter site. The HF receive site & a larger Agency facility was located on the grounds of the former Naval Air Station Richmond. Both sites had signs indicating they were US Army Regional Communications Activity(NCS) stations. In conjunction with another CIA operation at the Richmond Naval Air Station, they relayed messages to other operatives in the Caribbean and S. America. The IFC site also housed a mobile command center which would be used in case of a nuclear crisis. In 1992, due to damages done by Hurricane Andrew, the facility was stripped and vacated.

On May 5th, 1980, the Launcher area opened as a refugee camp to temporarily house illegal Haitian immigrants, which at the time was known as Krome Camp. A year later in May 1981, the camp was converted into a permanent detention center. Since its opening, there have been a large number of reports of mistreatment and violence, ranging from riots, murder, and suicide.

Photo by Bullet, 2014

Photo Credit: Bullet, 2009 – The courtyard behind the barracks building.

Today, the Krome Detention Center is now called Krome INS Facility, where it is used to detain and remove criminals and other deportable illegal immigrants.

The IFC site, though, has since been left abandoned and vandalized. Today, it’s a local urban legend to have been a secret mental asylum where ghosts, murderers still reside. Some folks claim to have seen a woman in a white gown, a past resident of the asylum, who strolls the compound asking if you can help her. Others have said that they’ve been chased out by a man in a black bandanna wielding a machete, the father who took his newborn child to abandonment and butchered him inside. A few even claim that the property was actually a secret detention center where they use to house Korean spies but you won’t find that information anywhere because it’s something “the government doesn’t want you to know about.”

The site is visited frequently by graffiti artists, photographers, paintball teams, kids just looking for a scare, and on occasion, the police. There are no future plans for the site.

Photo by Bullet, 2014

Photo Credit: Bullet, 2009 – This is the generator room. Each base was self-sufficient, even having their own steam powered generators.

  • Photographer: Bullet
    Year Taken: 2014
    Website: Abandoned Florida
  • Photographer: Robert Lyon
    Year Taken: 2013
    Website: Lyon Aerials
    Robert Lyon, 2013

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I was born and raised in South Florida and have lived here since. I began urban exploring in 2009 after watching a documentary about it and becoming interested in the history and things people had left behind. My love for photography grew from it as a way to share these places with others.


  1. Rhett Mikols on

    All the cause and effect created by the souls of this facility. As a society we need to appreciate and understand the past because that is the way to the future.

  2. addictedtourban on

    this is one of the places im going to try to find in the next 2 weeks when I head down south to miami. looks like a great place to shoot.

    • Hey its hidden. i know exactly where it is cause i used to go there ALLL the time hahah. you;ll have a really hard time finding it if you dont take a friend or someone that knows where it is.

  3. So my friend and I went down here and we were there for like 30 minutes today, around 1:30, middle of the weekday, and I came out of one of the barracks to be looking down the barrel of an Immigration and Customs Agents handgun. Apparently, someone called and told them we were there, because of the lack of secretive parking. We got searched, and our Socials got run in federal and state databases for warrants. We got released, and the cops actually were super nice and funny. But if we go again, we get to take a ride with Federal Protective Services down to Miami. Be warned, it is a hot spot to go to.

  4. Swung by there today in the morn and captured some sweet shots. Such an interesting, historic spot. However keep in mind it is abandoned so there’s plenty of broken glass, critters etc just a heads up. Otherwise it’s def worth checkin out.

  5. Been there multiple times, pretty cool spot. It’s right after mile marker 21 if you are heading south, on the right hand side, you’ll see gravel and dip in the treeline.

  6. I was there over the weekend and was surprised to see someone shooting a rap video! It is really a worthwhile stop. When we were leaving a paintball group was just arriving. Apparently everyone knows about the place!

  7. This is slightly OT, but when viewing the area via Google Maps, what is that big open area North of this site and just to the East of the Krome Detention Center. It looks like some giant rocket was tested there. From the satellite view in any event. I guess it is just the result of some farming or mining, but man, it looks like a blast radius when viewed from above.

    Anyway, it is interesting to compare the original arial photo with what is there now.

    • It’s a park for ATVing, hence the visible trails. You can also go bike riding there but the sand makes it a bit tough.

  8. Went here several years ago with a group of friends in the wee hours. We were surprised to see there were a fair amount of people there and someone had started a huge bonfire in the back. The main building was completely gutted with the ground slippery with busted paintball rounds and every square inch of wall covered with graffiti, much of it elaborate and quite good. One wall had a mural of a giant squid. Another room was evidently done by a cartoon fan as it had life size artwork of Peter Griffin, Super Mario Bros., and an especially well-endowed Little Mermaid. The adjacent portion of the building, by comparison, still had much of the original furnishings and was largely untouched by graffiti. Due to the layout and the fact there were many rooms with bunk-bed foundations, we supposed it must have been the old baracks. Aside from a few bats hanging on the ceilings , it seemed like we had that portion of the building to ourseleves. Not so. As we explored the rooms it became apparent that homeless people used the rooms to sleep in and we saw at least one of them passed out on an old bedsprings snoring. At one point, we startled a small pack of feral dogs who regarded us warily from a distance before scattering into the surrounding woods. At this point me and a friend from my group split up to explore the overgrown section of path behind the base , which we also had to ourseleves. God it was dark out there. After a largish animal darted across the “path” a few yards ahead of us (my friend to this day is convinced it was a Florida panther; I doubt it but it DID have a long tail and it would’ve been damn cool if it was), we decided to rejoin our group at the bonfire. On our way out a group of drunken rednecks decided it would be a good idea to shoot bottles for targets among all the people. Fortunately everyone told them to take that elsewhere and they left without incident. All in all it was a great adventure and I’d love to go back sometime!

      • I would imagine he probably called the city of Miami. What department I’m not sure. Based on past experience probably Parks and Rec. I tried to get permission to enter an abandoned mill back in California and that’s who I was eventually sent to. I’d start there. And start of course by sounding professional.

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