Is there an easier way to navigate your site?

Yes. If you look at the top-right of the web page, you will see a button with three lines located next to the search bar button. Click that button and a tab will pull out with all the locations on my site organized by Central, North, and South Florida. Or you can go to this link for a list of locations.

Why are most of the places listed on the site demolished? Why don’t you share the location of where many of these places are?

Over the years, I’ve explored hundreds of abandoned locations here in Florida and have seen what sharing locations does to them. To help prevent vandalism and destruction to these places, I refuse to share the location of many of these places.

For those that tell me that they aren’t vandals and are just photographers, keep in mind that photographers burned down Monroe Station, so that reasoning doesn’t work nowadays.

Is there a way to purchase prints?

While I don’t have an online shop at the moment, you can follow this link to find a store that sells my work.