George E. Turner Power Plant

Photo by Nomeus, 2006 -

Photo Credit: Nomeus, 2006 – A control room which made sure the plant was functioning properly.

In 1926, the Benson Springs Power Plant was built on the shores of Lake Monroe, by Florida Public Service to provide electrical service locally and as far away as DeLand. It was named Benson Springs Power Plant because in 1927, the town was renamed Benson Springs until ten years later, when it changed back to Enterprise. The coal-fired power plant consisted of only one unit at the time, generating 11,500kw of electricity.

After World War II, the plant was renamed the George E. Turner Plant in honor of a Florida Power Company executive due to his many years of service. Having already added a new 25-megawatt turbine near the end of the war, Florida Power would continue adding new units throughout the years. In 1958, Florida Power sold $8.5 million in bonds to finance it’s construction projects, which were the construction of the new Paul L. Bartow Power Plant and the addition of new units to it’s plants.

Photo by Nomeus, 2006 -

Photo Credit: Nomeus, 2006 – The turbines can be seen on the right.

In 1993, Florida Power Corp. announced it’s consolidation efforts by cutting 200 jobs and the closing of two of their power plants, Turner Power Plant and Higgins Power Plant located in the upper Tampa Bay area. Turner Power Plant was decommissioned in 1994 and sat vacant for years as there were no future plans for the property.

In 2000, Carolina Power & Light bought Florida Progress, the parent company for Florida Power Corp. and changed their name to Progress Energy in 2002. Talks began as early as 2003 to demolished the plant, with demolition officially starting in 2007 and ending a year later.

The four oil-fired generation units across the street from where the plant stood remain in use today, providing power during the hottest and coldest parts of the year.

  • Photographer: Nomeus
    Year Taken: 2006
    Website: FLURBEX

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  1. After the plant was closed it was rented to television shows on two occassions to film episodes. One was for the show “Thunder in Paradise” starring Hulk Hogan and the other was for the remake of the TV show “Sea Hunt” starring Chris Lemmon.

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