East Everglades Antennae Remains | Photo © 2009 Bullet, 2009

East Everglades Closures. The Tower Tract lies within #422. Access is via a single lane paved road east of SW 237th Ave. The road is currently gated. At the end of the road is the collapsing shell of a former building. There are walls but no roof. The area was once used to manage a large aerial tower that extended several hundred feet into the air. The tower was destroyed/damaged during Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Large sections of the tower, building and debris remain on the ground, posing a significant safety hazard.

The building was demolished in 2011.


  1. My father worked for WCIX during the 1970’s at this tower. One time when I was about 12 years old I went up the tower with him on a service mission. A small elevator slowly ascended as I used a belt to strap in. When we reached the level intended for service my dad stepped out to perform whatever task he was appointed I was too nervous to poke my head out to look all around but I did have a birdseye view of hte Redlands Golf & Country Club below and a far reaching view to the northwest.
    The tower was just about 1,000 feet tall at that time, I believe it was extended at some point prior to it’s demise.

  2. can someone give me the latitude and longitude. i want to make a film at it,

    • I think cross streets could get us close. Unfortunately all that old data is not to be found on the FCC web server. I did the WDNA application, but that is prehistoric.

  3. A simple Google maps search for the Redlands G&CC shows what is likely the spot the tower used to reside.
    Great article, even if a bit old. ;)

    • Yeah. I had to take it down as the information I was first given was wrong. I’m guessing when I republished it, it went out to all subscribers.

  4. Mr. Newlan is close but not quite right. The tower by 237th Avenue was part of a radionavigation system called CONSOLAN. (AKA Consol) If you use Google Maps to look north and south along 237, you can see the road circles where the outlying stations once were. These were in ruins when I first visited in 1974. The main tower blew down in Andrew.

    The old channel six tower is east of Krome Avenue by 248th street. It was repaired after Andrew. Several stations still use it, although channel six moved to Andover near the Broward line. And it’s now on channel 31. But that’s another story for another day.

    Chip V.

  5. can anybody tell me about the cement tables and shelters that used to be at krome ave and hwy 41?. they were at the first canal locks there on hwy 41. used to be a few more down that canal they still maintain a boat ramp at that old site