Dania Beach Boomers and Hurricane Rollercoaster | Photo © 2016 Bullet, www.abandonedfl.com

The Dania Beach Hurricane is a wooden roller coaster at Boomers! in Dania Beach, Florida.

It was designed by Jules Ross and the Stand Company and was built by Coaster Works, Inc. The Dania Beach Hurricane opened on November 1, 2000 and at 3,200-feet-long, 100-feet-tall, the coaster was the largest wooden roller coaster in Florida. Despite being located at the Boomers!, it was owned and operated separately by Dania Woody LLC.

The roller coaster closed in April 2011. The following statement was posted to the Boomers! website:

“We have been informed that the third party who owns and operates the wooden roller coaster adjacent to the Boomers Family Fun Center in Dania/Ft. Lauderdale, Florida has ceased operations effective immediately. The closure of the roller coaster does not and will not affect the operations of the Boomers Family Fun Center.”

Dania Woody LLC cited “business reasons” for ceasing operations but it’s thought that the high cost of maintaining a wooden roller coaster in Florida’s warm climate and low ridership may have been a factor. It was later stated that the company had filed for bankruptcy.

Dania Beach Boomers and Hurricane Rollercoaster | Photo © 2016 Bullet, www.abandonedfl.com

After it’s closure, Dania Woody LLC attempted to find a non-profit to either take the coaster away to renovate and run elsewhere, or pay to take down the coaster in exchange for owning the salvage parts. They had no luck.

In August 2014, it was reported that the Aventura-based developer, Master Development, had a contract on the land to build a development which will include shops, a hotel, restaurants and apartments.

Boomers! closed down on January 25, 2015. Developers are planning a complex they’re calling The Landings at Dania Beach, a $250 million-plus project including big-box retail stores, casual and formal restaurants, at least one hotel, apartments and possibly condos and offices. It is a joint venture of Master Development, Salzman Real Estate Advisors of Dania Beach and the New York-based Kimco real estate investment trust.

Plans to tear down the roller coaster were postponed because signing leases and getting city approvals for the shopping center were much more important. Demolition of the buildings and structures on the property have since been demolished.


  1. Beautiful video of the dania beach hurricane at night guys! Those old wooden coasters are so incredibly beautiful I really hate to see it get torn down. They should leave it standing just for it’s artistic value. Thanks for your risk getting caught to share the video with us all.

  2. Climbed it less then a week ago every thing is falling apart be very carful. Also there are Bees invested on the entire property

  3. I loved riding the Hurricane when it was at Circus World!!! This was the first coaster I ever rode.

  4. So a ground of my friends (3) and I decided to head out here as I am a local professional photographer around the area and decided to check this place out and just wanted to capture something different. DO NOT GO if you are asking to get arrested!!! There is now security monitoring the whole park and had contacted the police to come investigate. Mind you we were on top of the rollercoaster when security decided to search for us and ducked down on top of the roller coaster and stayed low till he cleared it. After that we worked our way out of there as a warning for us to leave quickly. That did not work so well. We basically were contacted by my friends mom that was suppose to pick us up and she had said that the cops had checked her car out because she was posted near there and said she was feeding the cats. We had to make another route so the cops wouldnt catch us so we waited by the Dcota Of America. As we waited there to be picked up one cop shows up with lights all hidden and catches us just relaxing waiting for my friends mom. Few minutes pass by and we have around 5-6 cop cars surrounding us each investigating us. Luckily we had gotten away and let off the hook as there was someone around the area harrasing 2 girls with a gun as well as my friend that will be going to the army soon. Cops said to leave and not do this again. Mind you I got some really sick shots that you can check out on my site within a week or 2 on my site at joeymikk.com ! Crazy night but well worth spent. Again I would NOT ADVISE you to go here. It is up to you if you want to risk it and if you get caught you will get arrested!! As far as the bees and the wood rotting non of that stuff is true as the wood is still really supportive and we had went when it was cold which maybe thats why bees aren’t there. Great experience however I will try to message pictures for this site to upload them up on here

  5. Myself and two other friends of mine were able to get in here today. I’d have to say, the best abandoned place I’ve ever been to. A truly magical place, even in it’s dilapitated state. While we tried to stay hidden, we were able to cover the entire grounds, including the mini golf course and inside the main building. We’re planning on going back to get more shots of the mini golf course, but after watching your video I now realize those camera’s I saw today are probably active. I was hoping they were remnants of boomers and not live, but if we go back we’ll watch out for those. While we were inside the coaster, 2 different cars showed up on seperate occassions checking us out. Not really sure if they were security guards or just part of the crew of construction workers, but we definitely didn’t stick around. If anyone decides to go here I would suggest parking at the lot behind the main boomers parking lot and scaling the north side of the grounds, it’s easier to stay hidden. Will be sad to see this place go, but glad I got to enjoy this place and take it all in without all the people before it’s gone for good. Will hold a very special place in my memories.

  6. Hey Everyone this has been a dying dream of mines to do.and i must do this before i move out the state.
    Can you please tell me when is the best time to go? where do i park? how do i get in? i plan on going early morning on monday. like 5 am what do you guys suggest?

  7. all of boomers
    in dania beach
    they will cave it
    on wednesday

  8. this place still open to go to ?
    I would like to go during the day for pictures or should I go at nighttime ?