Hastings Community Center

Hastings Community Center | Photo by Bullet, 2015

Founded in 1890 as a farming community to supply the hotels of railroad magnate Henry Flagler with fresh potatoes, cabbage and other vegetables, the small town of Hastings proudly proclaimed itself the “Potato Capital of Florida.” With a population hovering around 600, its heyday was in the 50s and 60s. Since then, the potato fields […]

Jones Brothers Furniture Company

Jones Brothers Furniture Co. | Photo by Abandoned_Southeast, 2016

The Jones Brothers Furniture Company was founded in 1902, following the boom that occurred after the Great Fire of 1901. It was owned by W.G. and Michael K. Jones, who employed their younger brother R.L. Jones to work in the store. They had a building built in 1913 on Main Street which was later demolished […]

Tom Gaskins Cypress Knee Museum

Tom Gaskins Cypress Knee Museum

In 1930, Tom Gaskins moved his family from Arcadia to Palmdale, living on land acquired from Lykes Bros., a citrus There, he became fascinated with the “knees” of cypress trees – roots growths that rose out of the swampy waters. He would dig out the knees, steam, peel, and core them, then polish them to […]

Monroe Station

Monroe Station | Bullet, 2014

Built in 1928, Monroe Station was located on the Tamiami Trail, halfway between Miami and Naples, and was one of six waystations established by Barron Collier to service motorists traveling the newly constructed 107-mile section of the Tamiami Trail between Naples and Miami. Operated by husband-and-wife teams, these stations were situated every ten miles along […]