Broward Correctional Institution | Photo © 2014 Bullet,

Located in Southwest Ranches, Broward Correctional Institution was opened in 1977 to house a male inmate population, but was converted to a maximum security facility for women. Female death row inmates were housed here until February 2003 when the female death row was moved to Lowell Correctional Institution in Ocala.

One of the more notorious inmates housed here was Judi “Black Widow” Buenoano, who was convicted for the murders of her husband and paralyzed son, as well as the attempted murder of her fiance. Another was serial killer Aileen Wuornos who killed seven men throughout the state of Florida while working as a prostitute. The 2003 movie “Monster” chronicles her life’s story from childhood to her first murder conviction.

In 2012, Broward Correctional Institution was shutdown along with seven other facilities as a way to cut costs due to a decline in crime and prison admissions.

The property was put up for sale and the land is meant for industrial use, which means it could be used by a developer for anything from another prison to a junkyard to a manufacturing plants. Because of the close proximity to Pembroke Pines and houses there, the city of Pembroke Pines bought the property so they have better control of what would be replacing the old prison.


  1. So nice to see a place without all the destruction and nasty graffiti for a change. Beautiful photos, Bullet!!

  2. I always wondered when you were going to highlight this location since I live in Pembroke Pines. I have some photos of the outside buildings after Delta Force and the SEALs used it last year for training.

  3. Does anyone know if it’s good/safe to go there now?

  4. Do not go here ! My friends and i are idiots and have gotten in trouble many times here , there is a security guard on watch at all TIMES 24/7 . Do not try and enter this facility , they will arrest you. Plus the pictures that are on this post do not even remotely resemble the amount of damage and graffiti that has been done to this building. Some parts are blow to smithereens other have been covered in shitty art. Its very interesting though and if your an adventure seeker this is the place to be , but unfortunately someone set it on fire not to long ago and has been watched all day/night since. :) be safe!!

  5. I couldn’t leave a comment under the AT AND T posting, but that was super historical information you gathered, and the photos were good to accompany that. Thanks!!

  6. Has this been demolished yet?

    • Yes, it is still standing though you can tell it’s a vandals playground now. We were just here this weekend looking for our lost dogs. Drove around about 3 separate times, but on our last go-around a security guard informed us we were trespassing and to leave. You just have to take your chances if you go!

    • Sorry, meant to say “no” it is not demolished. Still standing LOL!

  7. Why does the city continue to keep the electricity on if it has been abandoned and unused for close to 13 years?

  8. Is the Sercurity still there cause I drove pass and the place looked empty. Plus, the gate is wide open.

  9. I am doing some interior demolition in the building right now. Early next year it will be fully demolished.

  10. I live about 5 minutes away from there. I went to the front gate once, pretty cool.

  11. I myself did prison time at this same prison ( for bank robbery). These pictures brought back tons of memories. I was released in 2009. And did time with lots of lifers there. Some very amazing women whom will remain my heart forever. There’s lots of demon’s there and lots of pain left behind when those women were transferred.