Abandoned Florida was created as a database for historic, lost, and abandoned sites and relics in the state of Florida. This website is fueled by the explorations and efforts to document abandoned and forgotten locations by individuals throughout the state, which include myself, Nomeus of Flurbex.com and many more.

We do not condone vandalism and do our part in helping to prevent it. We do not share addresses here unless it is otherwise stated, so please do not ask. For a more detailed explanation, please read our disclaimer.

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Photo by Bullet, 2014

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I was born and raised in Miami, Florida and still reside here. I began urban exploring in 2009 after watching a documentary, “Urban Explorers: Into the Darkness”. My interest in photography came soon after as a way to document the abandoned places I visited and in turn, resulted in this site. I noticed some abandoned places don’t stay like that for long here in Florida and are either demolished or restored, the latter being more common, so I took it upon myself to start this website to document these locations using photos, footage and written history.

Rebel Angel

I’m a born and raised northeastern Ohioan currently living in Central Florida. I love music, especially the band Volbeat, as well as history and art. I’m an avid artist and love to write. I don’t do the exploring, but I love hearing the experiences of those who do!


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  1. You have a fascinating site with some wonderful pictures and some great information, but PLEASE change the page color or font color. Grey on grey is unreadable. Thanks!!

    1. Thank you, much appreciated.

      You can email your photos and locations to abandonedfl/@/gmail/.com, just remove the slashes of course, it’s to prevent spammers. State in your email the name of the location if you know it for researching purposes and how you wish to be credited. It’s the only alternative until I find a secure photo uploader for the site.

  2. Thank you for this website-blog. It is neatly organized and easy to browse through. I enjoyed reading the history and viewing the pictures. Thanks once again and keep doing yo thing.

  3. So,in 1962 as a freshman at Ponce de Leon Jr Hi in the Gables I biked over to the
    then abandoned Biltmore Hotel and broke in with some friends.What we saw was
    an empty hospital all painted grey,vintage WW11.The interior was so painted over
    it is hard to believe the Biltmore of today was renovated to its current beauty from
    that mess we toured.Spooky,full of echos,heavy mildew smell.everything painted
    over military style.Pool was empty of water,full of mold. Of course,no pictures,
    what 15 year old carried a camera then. Have not thought about that adventure
    in decades,till reading this article in New Times.

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