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  1. Looking for help. We have a building in our city that was once a hospital (folks have told me, one says she had her appendics out there). I cannot find ANYTHING about this hospital even existing. It was built in 1945 but the current owner has no historical info.
    Any suggestions about where and how I should be looking for info?


  2. I was wondering what it would take to become a contributor? For years I have been studying up on Florida’s past as well and have focused much of my attention to the railroad facet of old Florida. I’ve shot many old bridges and ghost towns, specifically Maytown, which is located near Enterprise. I am also expanding my studies on the Space Center now that the Shuttle Program has wound down and access is a little easier.

    There are parts of Florida I have been to that haven’t shown up on a roadmap in 100 years. Would love to bring something to the table.

    1. Usually I am the one going out looking for people who have photos on a place I writing about. If you wish to contribute, you may write an article on a place you’re interested about, could be an abandoned building, a ghost town or even a place that’s long gone. Email me at abandonedfl/at/gmail/dot/com and we can talk it over.

  3. I’ve got a pretty decent collection of pictures from the American Beryilium (sp?) Company located in Tallevast, Fl, if they would interest you at all…

  4. I’ve tried looking up info about an abandoned Days Inn in Kissimmee, FL. I only really recently discovered it, but I figured the best place to start finding answers would be right here. I love this site so much, the stories I have read have astounded me, and left me wanting more. I haven’t yet gone Urban Exploring, but it’s not a foreign concept to me.

    The place in question is a Days Inn that has been shut down for some reason–possibly bad location? If you check on Google Maps’ street view, look up this address: 7980 West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway, Kissimmee, FL.

    It’s interesting. It’s past most of the attractions on U.S. 192, and is somewhat isolated away from neighboring buildings, with a field on one side and a small forest of trees on the other.

    Another one I came across, which I’m not sure how long it’s been out of business, but it’s located just a further down W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy at 8600. I looked it up on Google and found these names: “Travelodge – Maingate”, “Best Western” and “Orlando Vacation Group II”

    Any thoughts on these?

    1. I have to look more into the second one but the first one mentioned, 7980, was built to support Splendid China just south of it. It was also the easiest way to get into Splendid China after it’s abandonment, if you look closely at the woods between the park’s parking lot and the open field, you’ll find a walkway which led directly into the park. Right now, Splendid China is in the process of being demolished and the motel is next, they gutted the motel a couple of weeks ago to prep it for demolition. Here’s a video of it being explored 2 years ago by a friend of mine.


      Hope that helps.

      1. That helps a ton! I was wondering why a ton of junk was sitting outside the perimeter of the motel… Now it makes sense! :D Thank you!

    2. Holistic Hotel is a scam used to attract investors and steal there money thru smooth talking and false promises shame it would be a great hotel if people wanted it to work don’t trust anyone there!

  5. Heya! I have done a little research on 8600 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy. Let me see what I’ve got now…

    The buildings were built in 1973. The property has been sold only twice, once in 1994 for $3,600,000 and again just December 2012, but I’m not sure for how much. I’m using LoopNet.com to find these details out, but I’m not about to dish out $9.95 to find out the price.

    What they are doing with the building now, I’m not sure. It says that there is a current tenant. The tenant is apparently running a business of electrical work called The Best Choice, Inc. Get this, though: the entire lot has 7 buildings on 18.59 Acres yet they are only occupying 2,192 square feet–probably only one building. And this is where it gets interesting: they only have 2 employees for their company.

    When I drove past it the other day, it looked abandoned as hell. The sign has nothing on it, no signs of anything being done to it. And if someone’s working from it, they’re working from one of the back buildings. I saw no For Sale signs when I drove past, either.

    Not sure what the status of it is. It has a pool and possibly an outdoor Jacuzzi, but when looking overhead via Google Earth, it shows the pool and Jacuzzi are a very gross green color, showing many signs of neglect. Maybe I’ll drive into the parking lot next time I go past it and take a moment to photograph it. :) I’ll keep you posted on it. The earlier things about the tenants may not be as recent as I hoped, but that’s what I know. If you make a free account on LoopNet, you can view MOST of the info for free: http://www.loopnet.com/Property-Record/8600-W-Irlo-Bronson-Memorial-Hwy-Kissimmee-FL-34747/TfO4Kf_9Q/

    Funny… there’s a $4,250,000 mortgage on this lot… The owner is Holistic Hotel, LLC.

    If you find anything out about this place, feel free to email me.

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