Annie Lytle Elementary School

Annie Lytle Elementary School not long after closing. Originally named Riverside Park School, it was built in 1891 and was a small wooden school house. Due to a population increase in the area, wings and extensions were added to the building until it was considered a fire hazard. In 1915, Duval County voters passed a $1 million bond to build more than a dozen new brick school houses. The school built over the site of the old Riverside Park School was first known as Public School... Read More

Popash School

A view of the school during it’s operation; circa 1925. The town of Popash began in the 1850s, establishing a post office in 1879 and the New Hope Baptist Church soon after. The town got it’s name from a tree that grows in Florida that locals couldn’t identify. Some thought it was a poplar tree while others thought it was an ash tree, so the two were combined to form Popash. The town was primarily a cattle and farming community, with the school session timed... Read More

Ambassador Hotel

The Griner Hotel was renamed to the Ambassador Hotel in 1955. The six-story brick and limestone building was built in 1924 and opened as the upscale 310 West Church Street Apartments. Designed by architects Hal Hentz, Neel Reid and Rudolph Adler, the Georgian Revival styled building was built in the shape of an “H” which provided every room with a window while still able to house about 110 residents. In 1944, the apartment building was converted into a hotel and renamed... Read More

V. Guerrieri Cigar Factory

Photo Credit: Bullet, 2014 – The cigar factory is located in a historic district known as Palmetto Beach. The factory was built in 1899 for the Vicente Guerra Cigar Company, who at the time were also the owners of another cigar factory just down the street. From 1910 into the 1940’s it was occupied by V. Guerra, Diaz and Co. owned by Joseph Guerra. During the 1940’s it was shared by Tampa Tiger Cigars, Haas Cigar company and John Marrian Cigars. As with Hookers... Read More