Morgan Street Jail

The old Morgan Street Jail annex. In the early 1900s, the property which Morgan Street Jail stood on was occupied by a small walled structure surrounded by various businesses. In 1925, the structure was replaced with the Hillsborough County Jail. The much larger and more current prison, the Morgan Street Jail, was built in 1964, replacing the previous Hillsborough jail. The jail had a linear design, with long hallways and barred cell blocks, which did not require much staffing... Read More

Grumman S-2 Tracker Boneyard

Photo Credit: Walter Arnold, 2009 – Inside a cockpit of one of the planes. Grumman designed the aircraft to be used for anti-submarine warfare(ASW), with a large high-wing monoplane with twin Wright Cyclone radial engines with the idea to combine the roles the Avenger and Guardian were providing at the time. It would also operate off of aircraft carriers which the bigger ASW aircrafts, The Lockheed Neptune and Orion, couldn’t do. On December 4, 1952, the first prototype,... Read More

George E. Turner Power Plant

Photo Credit: Wikipedia, 2006 – The power plant viewed from Lake Monroe looking towards the northeast. In 1926, the Benson Springs Power Plant was built on the shores of Lake Monroe, by Florida Public Service to provide electrical service locally and as far away as DeLand. It was named Benson Springs Power Plant because in 1927, the town was renamed Benson Springs until ten years later, when it changed back to Enterprise. The coal-fired power plant consisted of only one... Read More

La Villa Luisa

A postcard of the Walburne Hotel, before it became La Villa Luisa. First built in 1946, the Walburne Hotel stood at 125 Ocean Drive on South Beach. The architecture was a typical example of MiMo, or Miami Modern, influenced by both Art Deco and the Streamline Modern periods. In the early-1980s, the hotel was bought and renamed La Villa Luisa. At that time, the neighborhood, including the hotel, became very rundown and was an area with a relatively high-crime rate. The hotel was... Read More