Britton Cinema 8

Photo Credit: Nomeus, 2009

Opening as a single screen theater in 1956, the Britton Theatre was designed by architect James E. Casale with a seating capacity of 1,800. Described as being the ‚Äúlargest theatre south of Washington, D.C.”, it had a 70mm capability and a 60′ wide screen.

In 1972, General Cinema bought the theater and reopened it as the Britton III, in 1973. It was remodeled as a triplex, with one large screen which held up to 872 viewers, and two smaller screening rooms which held a little over 400 viewers each. General Cinema closed the theater in 1991.

In 1992, Muvico purchased the theater and remodeled it once again, splitting it into eight small screening rooms and reopening it as the Britton 8. Regal Cinemas took control of the theater in October 1995 and operated it until February 25, 2001, when it was closed due to rising pressure for larger seating theaters.

Zota Theatres reopened the theater soon after and it would be another six years before the theater was closed again in September 2008. On August 14, 2009, 5 Star Cinemas reopened the Britton 8 and continue to operate it to this day.

Photo Credit: Nomeus, 2009