Riverside Motel & St.Mary’s Liquors

Somewhere near the Florida/Georgia border is a place that has sat, abandoned and remarkably untouched, for decades. Little information is readily available about the Riverside Motel and St Mary’s Liquors, which also housed a Souvenir Shop. This place has managed to stay mostly safe from the hands of vandals, with only a few signs of any serious or obviously intentional damage; everything else was the product of natural decay. There were several things inside, such as the... Read More

S.H. Kress and Co. Building

A street scene at the Kress and Woolworth buildings. S. H. Kress & Co. was a chain of “five and dime” department stores in various parts of the United States, which began operations in 1896. Five and dime stores were the original dollar stores, selling goods for a nickel or a dime. Samuel H. Kress opened the first Tampa store on Franklin Street in 1900. In 1929, just before the Great Depression, he demolished the structure and built the amazing structure that stands... Read More

Old Union Depot Hotel

Photo Credit: Bill Rogers, 2008 – The Depot Union Hotel was for sale for years, but never attracted any buyers to try and restore it. The Union Hotel and Cafe, better known as the Old Union Depot Hotel, was built in 1912 directly across the street from the Tampa Union Station. The building was what remained of twelve continuous, two-story, brick storefronts around the intersection of Nebraska Avenue and East Zack Street. The design of the building is also unique as it had... Read More

Nike Missile IFC Site HM-40, B Battery

An aerial view of HM-40 during it’s construction. On August 30, 1961, Russian Premier Nikita Khrushchev announced the end of a three-year moratorium on nuclear testing and Soviet tests recommenced on September 1st, initiating a series of tests that included the detonation of the Tsar bombs. In response to the announcement, President John F. Kennedy authorized Operation Dominic, which would later become the largest nuclear weapons testing program ever conducted by the United... Read More