Photo by Nomeus, 2007 -

The Elysium Assisted Living Facility

Photo Credit: Nomeus, 2007 –

Owned by Elysium Group U.S. Holding Inc., the Elysium assisted living facility opened in 1992, though the building was built in 1987.

Built on over 8-acres of land, which were initially bought for $3,365,000, the facility included semi-private, private or private suites for residents. For recreation, the residents could “relax by the pool, fish in the pond, engage in a game of billiards, or enjoy one of the many other activities organized by our activities director.”

The facility was closed down in 2006, possibly due to structural damages by Hurricane Wilma a few months prior. Shortly afterwards, as with most suburban abandonments, the facility was discovered by local kids. Glass, black mold, and left over syringes were just a few of the hazards that the building held as this proved to be true when a fire broke out in 2008. Due to the fire, the building was slated for demolition just a few months afterwards.

Demolition of the structure ended in August 2009.

Photo Credit: Nomeus, 2007 –