The Howey Mansion is Up For Sale

HOWEY-IN-THE-HILLS – It was brought to my attention from a friend that the historic Howey Mansion is up for sale per a Craigslist posting and has been confirmed to be real.

The ad reads:

Magnificent Howey Mansion, 8,800 sq. ft. in main Mansion, two bedroom guest house in back, 3 1/2 car garage with apartment above. Built in 1925 by the founder of the town, Howey-In-The-Hills, Florida in beautiful rolling Lake County. Bidding starts at $600,000.

Follow the link here to see for yourself or if you’re interested in purchasing it.

Jacklyn R. Nemchik-Cheatham, President of Historic Howey Mansion Inc. commented:

As many of you know the Howey Mansion is and has been in the center of a legal battle.

The current owners representative has been working with a legal team to negotiate a lower pay-off on the mortgage which is in foreclosure and has filed requesting that the Judge on the case reconsider his decision to put the house on the auction block in mid-December.

At this point in time anything can happen.

We have been working on a plan to acquire the property via Real Estate Partnership. This partnership will be able to accept both Charitable donations as well as investment dollars from qualified individuals.

Keep in mind that this is a residential home at this time and if we are to make the property available to the public which is what our plan has been, we will need to change the zoning on the property as well. This is not guaranteed and may be costly and time consuming.

If you are interested in assisting us in acquiring, preserving and restoring this incredible property for all to enjoy, please email us directly with your interest, ideas or skills which you would be willing to use to assist us in the once in a lifetime opportunity to join us at The William J. Howey Community Restoration Project,

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